Monday, May 2, 2011

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Trade Bait That Is Framed

The Platter busted a very sweet box of 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces.  This was one of the better boxes that I have ever broke.  The quality of the base cards and the classy beauty of the framed parallels.  This set is pure class.  Opening packs of these cards makes you a little sad that Upper Deck is out of the baseball business.  The price that this box cost was a key selling point in picking up this box.  Masterpieces is such high quality that for the price that I got it for, I may buy another.

When you open a box and even the base cards are impressive, then you know you have some gold.  The base set only has 90 cards.  But, the set has a good mix of stars and legends.  The framed parallel cards are divided up by colors.  Some of the framed cards are numbered.

The Platter is going to spread the box break posts into a few different segments.  This box deserves to be shown slowly in pieces.  I'll start by showing some of the framed cards that I have for trade.  This is the green framed card of World Series hero Curt Schilling.  The card is showing off his bloody sock.  Red Sox fans should really like this card.  Schilling was a huge part in bring the title to Boston in 2004.

 But....Red Sox fans should really love this card.  This is a different version of the green parallel.  This card above is #ed/50.

The frame is darker on this card.  I'm not sure what color that Masterpieces has come up with to call it.  There are some oddly named colors for this set according to Baseball Card Pedia.  Is this Schilling the color called Hedes?  How about Ionized?  I don't remember these colors in a Crayola box.

I also got two other green frames celebrating World Series glory.  These two cards show the Mets celebrating there 1969 championship.  It is kind of a shame that I pulled dupes of this card.  This card shows a great action shot with Mets players jumping for joy with fans running on the field.  It had to be a great time in America to be able to run on the field after a World Series victory.

This is a green frame of a Boston big shot named Yaz.  This is an awesome action shot of Yaz probably lining a single to left.  Boston fans are loving my break so far. 

The detail that went into making each card is amazing.  The colors look great and the selection of which photos to paint is very well done.  Each card is cool to look at.  Please come back Masterpieces!!!

From a current hall of famer to a future hall of famer.  Ken Griffey Jr.  has a huge following in the collecting world.  Once Griffey gets into Cooperstown his stock will only rise.  I may need to add an auto of his to my collection.

As far as what I consider to be "my generation" of ball players, I consider the years to be 90s to current.  Also, with the huge steroid cloud hanging over a lot of the sluggers that I grew up watching and enjoying.  Griffey is probably the MVP hitter of my generation.  So, in order to fully rep my great years, then I should try and pick up a Griffey auto.

I can not stop raving about how kick ass this box was.  This is just the beginning my friends.  My next post will show even more of the joys from this box.  All the cards that are pictured above are for trade.  Please comment or email me if your interested.

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BA Benny said...

I have also become a big fan of the Masterpieces and am mad that I didn't collect it. I can't wait to see what else you pulled. I can use one of the Mets and the Griffey Jr. I have started a pile for you so we can swing another trade.