Friday, April 29, 2011

A Tale of Two Brauns Starring BA Benny

Mike from the blog BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet and I finally got this trade complete.  We started to discuss this trade several weeks ago.  He has been busy hosting an awesome group break and has also been making some other trades.  I sent a John Maine Auto his way along with some other cards that fit his needs.  At BA Benny's there are a lot of player collections going on.  He also collects the Mets for the most part.  This makes for an easier trade partner.  Sometimes I think that I have a limited amount of player collections compared to others.  Some other bloggers must have closets full of cards.

For the cards that I sent his way, BA Benny sent me some really nice cards.  In the bubble mailer this Loney GU popped out.  I don't really have too many Loney GUs.  This may be my first or second.  I'll have to check later.  Loney is one of my least favorite current Dodgers.  I just don't get how he can be over 6 feet tall but bats like a slap hitter.  Bulk up, Loney!

Never mind my opinion of Loney the ball player.  I like the design of the hits from 2010 Heritage.  The piece of jersey in a shape of home plate is a good touch.  I should try and get the Loney GUs that are out there.  This may be his last year as a Dodger and I won't be interested in collecting his 2012 cards when he's in a Pirate uniform.

Next up, is some Shawn Green action.  I have a decent collection of Shawn Green game used cards.  The card companies made a lot of his cards which is good for a player collector.  I collect Green cards no matter what uniform he is rocking.

The card up top looks a little funny.  Green is wearing his beautiful Dodger uniform but the card has him as a D-Back and has a purple border.  This card is from 2006 Fleer Ultra when the D-Back colors were purple.  They now wear reddish colored jerseys. 

I'm thinking about buying a box of 2006 or 2007 Fleer Ultra.  The base cards are cool and the hits are nice.  Has anyone opened up any of those products?

BA Benny sent me this refractor rookie card of Ryan Braun.  Great!  I love Ryan Braun!  He is a monster big league player!  Oh wait, who is this Ryan Braun?  He is a pitcher?

I believe that BA Benny mentioned this card to me in am e-mail.  I didn't know that there were two Ryan Brauns.  This is a nice card anyways.  This set looks good chromed out and refractored. 

Thank you for the trade!  This trade took awhile to come through but it was well worth it.  We'll have to trade again real soon.

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SpastikMooss said...

Haha that'd be Ryan Z. Braun. I only know him because I played fantasy baseball for a while, and you learn pretty quickly which Ryan Braun you want on your team then!