Friday, May 6, 2011

Card Show Recap:Hits Edition

I usually try and come up with a game plan before I go to a card show.  I am able to attend about one per a month.  Each show gives me a different game plan.  The forming of a plan depends on finances, collection status, and pending trades among other variables.  Before, today I took a gander at my cards to see what I may need.  My trade bait as been depleted.  I have been trading relentlessly and still have a couple more packages to finish compiling.

So, getting trade bait was on my list heading to the show.  Even, if I just pick up some base cards that can be used later.  That would be considered a win.  Since, there are some bloggers that I trade with more than others, this makes searching for trade bait a little easier.  I can target certain teams or players.

Another thing that is always on my list of things to score at a card show is PC needs.  I am always on the prowl for some Dodgers, Ryan Braun, or Ichiro for example.  Since this show is in LA it is always easy finding Dodgers.  The price of Dodger cards is sometimes inflated because they are the local team.  This sometimes gets me good deals on players of other teams.  I can get a cheap GU of Ian Kinsler in the 2 dollar box.  But, a Kevin Brown GU from 9 years ago will be in the 3 dollar box.  See what I mean.  I may enter a show hoping for a stack of Dodgers but end up with a more reasonable stack of Kinslers, Brauns, or Kurt Suzukis. 

The third task on my list was to nab some old school goodness.  There are always some dudes selling vintage at card shows.  Some decades don't get sold that much at card shows.  But, pre-70s will always be at a card show.  I knew that I would be able to find some vintage cardboard.

Those were the three things that I had in mind as I was leaving to the show.  Lets see how I did, starting with the hits that I picked up.

This show had some good prices on Dodger cards.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The monthly show that I usually go to doesn't have the best deal on Dodger cards.  This show was different.  I was able to snatch up these two game used bat relics.  I was a fan of Blake DeWitts'.  I could see the steady improvement in his game.  Allen and Ginter relics are some top notch cards.  The frame is always a nice touch.  I also picked up this Adrian Beltre game used bat card.  Upper Deck must have burned the LA logo into the wood.  I'm not sure how they did it.

The Platter is very welcoming of autos of Dodger bullpen arms that only Dodger fans may really only care about.  There are even some Dodger fans that are reading this and scoffing at my Ramon Troncoso auto.  This card is sweet.  Troncoso was pretty solid in 08-09.  Then the past couple years the wheels just fell off for him.  I may have to look up and see if any other Dodgers are featured in this set.  The Upper Deck X autos look awesome and very flashy. 

Autos of former UCLA Bruins is a minor PC of mine.  Drew Olson was the last successful QB the Bruins have had.  They have had busts and injuries since Olson was behind center.  I have know idea if he is still in the NFL.  He may be a third stringer somewhere. 

Ryan Hollins was a member of the UCLA basketball program in the mid-2000s.  He made it to the NBA based on his height and shot blocking ability.  I was surprised that he made it to the pros.  I think he is still in the NBA too.  Good for Hollins.  UCLA has produced a lot of pros over the past several years.  Hollins is just keeping the tradition alive of UCLA Bruins etching out careers in the NBA.

Collecting cards of Japanese ball players is also a minor PC of mine.  I didn't have a So Taguchi card yet.  Not even a base card so, why not start off with getting a serial numbered game used jersey card.  Perfect!  This card will fit into my GU collection nicely.  It will be placed right next to my GUs of Kosuke Fukudome and Dice-K.

I know that I entered this show with 3 objectives.  One was get some trade bait.  The other was score some PC cards.  Which, as you can see so far, the hunt to build the PC is working out well.  The third was getting some old school cards.  Those will be shown in another post or two.  I did pick up one GU that is for trade. 

This is a nice looking Todd Helton game used jersey card.  It even has a pin stripe.  I am going to give Johnny from Cards From The Quarry the first crack at this one.  He has tons of Rockies so, this may already be in his collection.

So, I didn't completely skip a task.  I did get one trade bait card.  The show didn't have any dime or quarter boxes to stock up on inserts and base for trade.  The show mostly had vintage and some hits.  The stack of vintage that I pulled is pretty nice.  It is the most amount of singles that I have bought in a long time. 


dodgerbobble said...

Very nice! BTW, I love the Tron auto. I've been after one for a while.

Spiegel83 said...

Check out the glendale show. The dealer may have another.

hiflew said...

Yes I need that Helton. That is a beautiful set for relics. I will find you something good for it. Is Kosuke Fukudome one of the Japanese players you collect?

hiflew said...

My comment got cut off.

The reason I ask is that I have a 2011 Topps 60 jersey of Fukudome in trade bait. Yours if you want it.