Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Trade Bait From My 2007 Masterpieces Box. Hits!!!!

I still have some more goods to show off from my 2007 Masterpieces box break.  This is the post where I will show you some of the hits that I have for trade.  All of the hits that I got from this box were quality.  The one game used that I am keeping from this break is a Dice-K.  The rest should yield me a good return threw a trade.

Any trades that I have going on have been sent out.  There may be some trade rumblings going on with a couple blogs out there but nothing confirmed.  This will be a good time to try and swing a deal at the Platter.

This auto was the biggest hit of the box.  Vlad has been a beast of hitter for several years.  He may even be a hall of famer.  I have never been a fan of a team that Vlad has played for but, I still have appreciated his career.  Vlad has been mashing since I was in junior high and he is still playing in the bigs today as an Oriole.  I was on the fence about whether this card may find its way into the PC at the Platter.  I am still not sure.  But, I know that there are a handful of Vlad collectors out there.  So, it may take a solid offer to ply this on card auto from my hands.

This was also a major pull from the box.  Being able to pull a game used of a legendary short stop is definitely considered a major pull.  This Ripken is available for trade.  It will take a nice card or cards to get this one away from the Platter.  See, I told you guys this box was sweet.

This printing plate was some kind of a bonus pull from the box.  I never think that I would get any sort of bonus when I purchase a box.  I always expect to get just the minimum.  It was also nice that this Michael Bourn printing plate was when he was with the Phils.  There are a lot more Phillies collectors out there.  This must have been a plate from his auto card that is in the set.  I am not sure if that makes this card nicer or not.  Let me know if anyone wants this card.

This is the only hit that I pulled, that has already been traded.  I was making a deal with a Rangers collector in the blog world and knew he would like this card.  So, some lucky blogger out there is enjoying this card in there PC.  This was probably the weakest hit of the box.  Michael Young is still a nice pull and a solid player.  That is what made this box so good.  There were no clunkers. 

Other than the Young, the other cards are for trade.  Please let me know if any of these cards interest you.  The next post about this box will cover the base cards.  The base cards are glorious from this set.


BA Benny said...

Great stuff! E-mail coming with an offer.

The Dimwit said...

I would be interested in the Michael Bourn printing plate. What would you be looking for in return? Shoot me an e-mail with what you have in mind. Thanks.

Lonestarr said...

I am a Vlad collector, but I'll have to pick something up for you for that, because I don't have anything to match it right now, unless you'd like a personal sketch card of someone you like by me (I'm a somewhat serious/talented artist, but flexible enough to work for hits I like).