Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Great Trade with Cards From The Quarry

Cards have been sent from the Platter to the Quarry several times.  The post office may name a mail route after us.  I sent Johnny from Cards from the Quarry, some 2011 Heritage SPs that he needed along with a stack of Rox.

I also included a few cards as a gag.  Up until sending the Quarry my latest bubble mailer, I have never "Bipped" anyone or have been "Bipped" by anyone.  So, I wanted to try out this whole bipping thing that some bloggers have taken apart in.  It may be a gag that has gotten old to some bloggers but I'm still the new guy on the block and it is new to me.

Johnny was the perfect trader to get my three 2010 Topps Update Brian Wilson All-Star card.  It is an awful card where Wilson is wearing bright orange shoes.  Wilson is an easy guy to hate unless your a Giant fan.  Johnny is a big Rox fan so he must also have a disdain for a division rival.  I hope you enjoyed those Wilsons to your collection.

Unfortunately, Johnny got me back on the return package.  he sent some Bip Roberts cards and some Giant cards and stickers.  Disgusting.  Now, on to the cards that came from the Quarry and will be placed in my PC.

This card has some great shine to it.  Topps should make a whole set of cards that look like this.  Legendary players should be on ultra modern looking shininess.  On-card autos would also look amazing on a card like this.  Just trying to give Topps some help.

The Jackie Robinson card came from one of those 2011 Topps Value boxes that some people have been blogging about recently.  My Wal-Mart doesn't have these.  Which may be a good thing because I am going to try and buy up some Gypsy Queen.

Johnny opens up blasters every Sunday on his blog.  He usually pulls something that I could use for my collection.  This is a way that keeps a lot of trades going between the two of us.  Starting a blog was such a good idea.  Getting to trade with people all over the country.  Keep on busting some blasters, Johnny!

So, Johnny sent me over a card of my boy, Aki Iwamura.  An action shot and retro cards look great.  It is much better than some retro sets with dudes just posing for a photo. 

The "Heads Up" cards in Goudey are so cool.  It is cartoony and kind of cheesy but that is what makes it great.  Braun even looks a little sleepy eyed.  I would actually say that Braun looks stoned.  Braun is from around the same part of LA that I am from.  He is also from the Valley.  He could be an off season stoner.  Maybe Braun will run into me at a local medicinal marijuana dispensary.  I guess it could happen.  Maybe.

Cards from the Quarry is also doing a group break.  Please check it out and pick a team.  He is breaking some good boxes.

Thanks for the trade.  We'll trade again real soon.

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hiflew said...

Glad they arrived and eventually I hope to get all of your trades posted. Man I am so far behind, but having a lot of cards to go through is a good thing to be behind in.