Monday, May 9, 2011

Baseball Cards Rule! Contest Winnings Rule too!

Every now and again you get a trade package that is beyond good.  Not only is a hit included.  But, you also get a stack of cards that you didn't have before.  Ben from Baseball Cards Rule sent me such a package.  It was loaded with Dodgers that I needed for my collection.  The package included a stack of Shawn Green cards that were from sets that I didn't own. 

The early to mid 2000s was a dead zone as far as my collecting habits went.  Shawn Green cards are kind of lacking in my PC.  Even though there seems to be a lot of different cards made of the outfielder.  Ben also included a nice stack of Eric Gagne cards.  Most of these cards were new to me also.  Gagne was one of my favorite Dodgers of the 2000s and his cards are lacking in my PC also.  I should start busting some wax from the early 2000s.  I missed a lot of sets that were produced in those years.

Here is some of the Shawn Green goodness that was mailed to me.  I really like the Fleer Tradition sets that I have seen.  This must have been Fleers answer to Topps Heritage.  The cards look similar.  I may check out ebay tonight to see how much boxes are of Fleer Tradition.

Ben also sent me out the Green GU from Donruss Timelines.  Donruss was another company that put out a lot of different sets in the 2000s.  The early part of the decade seemed to have a lot more creativity and options.  Maybe baseball cards will get back to that.  We'll see.

These pictures shows off some creativity that Fleer used to have in 2003.  This set is called eX.  Part of the card is clear plastic.  The material used to make this card has a credit card feel to it.  The picture on the right is showing the see through portion of the card.  I never knew a set like this existed.  Baseball cards do rule!

Also included in the bubble mailer was a fat stack of Jim Gott cards.  There may have never been this many Jim Gott cards ever included in a trade.  Possibly a blog world record.  All these cards are different too.  No doubles!  Very impressive.

Some classic mid-90s shine featuring my boy, Rauuuul Mondesi.  Most of the 90s was my prime as a card collector.  I bought a ton of packs and packs were sold in a more stores in those days.  Bowmans Best was a set that was too high end for a kid back then.  This is a sweet set.  I need to get some more of these cards.  Ebay search is on tonight.

Thanks for the stack,dude.  This trade was much appreciated.

Besides from trading, I also have time to get cards through a contest.  This contest was held at the blog, The Adventures of Napkin Doon.   A blaster of the new Gypsy Queen was being broken and sent out to select winners.  I haven't opened up any packs of Gypsy Queen yet.  So, all these cards were new adds to my PC.  I especially like the card of Ty Cobb.  He was a hitting machine in his day.  I like how he gets included in a ton of newer sets.

Thanks for the contest, Napkin.  We should continue to work on a trade and get something done this week.


jaybarkerfan said...

Absolutely gotta be a world record for Gott cards traded in one deal!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked them. I've got plenty more Dodgers cards waiting for you.