Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bubble Mailers Arrive From All Over The Web

The bubble mailers have just been filling the mailbox for me.  I have been getting packages from some different sources in the card world.  I have gotten cards recently through trades and group breaks.  As you saw with my previous post, the hits keep on coming.

This first package that I got was received a couple weeks ago.  It was sent to me to complete a trade with Dustin who blogs at No Relics Pulled.  He sent me this sweet Edwin Jackson GU from the Futures Game.  The piece of jersey is bright red.  Which is good because it adds some color to my Dodger GU collection.  I really like relics that come from specific games.  I have a couple cards from the Futures Game and the All-Star Game.  Hopefully, card companies will release more cards like this.  As an example, maybe Topps can release a GU set of cards from jerseys worn during Opening Day. 

Dustin also sent me this cool Ryan Braun checklist from 2008 Upper Deck.  This is a great action shot from the photography department of Upper Deck.  Very nice card for my PC.  Thank you for the trade.  We will have to work out a deal again.

The next set of cards comes from GSN Cards and these were obtained though one of his group breaks.  Please check out his Youtube videos.  He usually states ahead of time when he will be hosting a group break on Blogtv.  GSN Cards usually opens up some high end Upper Deck products such as Sweet Spot of SP Authentic.

Teams are randomed for breaks held on Blogtv.  So, I am never sure what team I will end up with.  This time I got the Orioles.  Which, is a good team to have because they have legends such as Cal Ripken Jr.  GSN Cards pulled this nice Ripken GU for me. 

I was also able to walk away with this Brian Roberts serial numbered parallel from SP Authentic.  The card is #ed/299.  Both the Ripken GU and the Roberts serial numbered card are for trade.  Please shoot me over an e-mail if interested.

During a different group break that was hosted by GSN Cards, I was able to pick-up this Ozzie Smith GU.  I was happy to get the Cardinals in this break because they have cards of legends and Albert Pujols.  I am slightly attached to this Smith card.  So, if you are looking to trade for this, please come strong with an offer.

I also make some trades on the Sports Card Forum.  Before, I started my blog, I used to make multiple trades a week at that site.  I don't trade as much on the SCF anymore.  I am able to make enough trades through the Platter to keep me busy.

I did make a big trade with someone on the SCF earlier this month.  The package took awhile to get to me.  The sender wrote the wrong zip code and the bubble mailer itself looked to be in rough shape.  The package was heavily taped and was dirty.  Also, the sender was 83 cents short on shipping.  The package had a ragged trip to my house but, I got to say that it was worth it.  I got two of my favorite types of GUs.  These are both cards that the jerseys were taken from specific games.  The Kurt Suzuki is from the Futures Game.  The Kosuke Fukudome is from the World Baseball Classic.  The Fukudome jersey must have been made from a different type of material as compared to other jerseys.  The fabric has a different pattern and feel to it.  Maybe, that is why Japan has played so well in the WBC.  They are wearing special jerseys that give them super baseball powers.  Maybe.

Thank you to everyone that has sent me some nice cards. 


Ultimate Dog Stop said...

That Ripken is really cool.

Lonestarr said...

Yeah! Kosuke FTW!