Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Card Show Recap:Vintage Dodgers Edition

The card show that I attended in Glendale,CA had a lot of vintage to choose from.  One dealer had several 5000 count boxes spanning from the 50s to the mid 70s.  In the past, I would just walk by a table like this.  But, since I have been on an old school binge, these tables get my attention.  I literally pulled up a chair and dug in. 

Another dealer that was selling some vintage Dodgers had only one 5000 count box.  But, it was pretty much a dollar box.  Which is always good.  I spent a lot of time digging through the boxes that these two guys had out on there table.  Some of the cards that they had were new to me.  Some of the cards were ones that I have only seen online.  It was great just to see some of these sets up close.  It was even better to actually purchase some of these gems.

  We will start off this show and tell with a hall of famer.  Don Sutton is shown here rocking a blue glove.  Many Dodgers have worn a blue glove from Vicente Padilla to Pedro Martinez.  I just didn't know when Dodger blue gloves became available.  Was Sutton a trend setter?  This tradition of Dodger pitchers wearing a blue glove continues to this day. 

I think this photo was take at Dodgertown in Vero Beach,Florida.  That was a great place to watch a ball game.  You can feel the history and imagine all the legends that have played baseball on that field.  Sutton does get bonus points for wearing the blue glove but he does get minus points for  not growing out his 'fro yet.

I was also able to purchase more 1972 Topps Dodgers.  One of Dodger legend, Maury Wills and another of Bill Buckner.  The Wills card says "In Action", except it looks like the players are waiting for some action.  The pitch looks like it is about to be thrown and Wills is getting ready to lace a triple down the line.  The Buckner card shows him swinging his bat at the Topps Rookie Trophy.  Buckner is raging against his award.  Accepting accolades with grace, Buckner.

The top card is my first old school Drysdale.  I have some cards with him on it but, they are all reprints.  This is the real deal.  The bottom card is of Frank Robinson during his short stint as a Dodger.  The card lists him as an Angel and has done its best to airbrush his Dodger uniform.  The airbrushing isn't fooling me.  This Robinson is going in my Dodger binder.

This Dodger team card looks like the newest Topps Heritage set.  But, it is not!  This is an actual piece of cardboard from the 60s.  Awesome!!  It is also a Dodger team card that features Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale.  Awesome again!!  This was a great pick up and it was only a buck.  The card is in mediocre condition but, it gets a passing grade at the Platter. 

The show was a success for my goal of adding to my PC.  I still have another stack of vintage non-Dodgers to show you guys.  That post should be coming out sometime this week.


Are No said...

Nice vintage!

night owl said...

I've got to move my '73 F-Robby into the Dodger binder. It really belongs there.

Anonymous said...

One dealer had several 5000 count boxes spanning from the 50s to the mid 70s. In the past, I would just walk by a table like this.
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