Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Mail Box and Ebay are my Friends

The other night I was a little bored.  Sometimes when I get bored I search ebay on the lookout for some good deals.  Good deals on the price baseball cards, of course.  I usually buy cards that I may not be able to obtain in a trade.  Even at card shows I may look for serial numbered or odd ball cards. 

This time on ebay, I was also on the hunt for some vintage.  My old school binge continues, my friends.  I also may be going to a card show this weekend in Glendale,CA.  It is supposed to be a pretty big show.  That is the rumor spreading around in the under world of LA card collectors.  So, the show will also yield me some old school sweetness. 

 This is a classic card.  This is a nice looking 1972 Frank Robinson.  The 1972 Topps set is another great set from the 70s.  As I have been flying back in time, I have noticed that the 70s is an awesome decade for card collecting.  You may say, "Geez, Spiegel, we have known this for years."  But, this decade is all new for me.  I have seen cards from the 70s but, now I am getting cards of legends, pictured in great sets.  Is the 70s the best decade as far as the look of the base set? 

Because you can't judge the entire set of '95 Ultra to '72 Topps.  Topps back then had base and maybe a sub set.  The newer cards have patches, autos, inserts, shine etc.  So, just judging base versus base, was the 70s the best?  What other decades are in the running?  60s?  90s?

This may be one of the better cards of Ron Cey out there.  Cey hit a ton of bombs in his career and I am positive that this photo shows him hitting one.  It is just something I know. 

The Cey is from 1974 Topps.  It is not as good as '72 or '73.  This may be a weak link in the 70s but it is still a very good set.

Now for some new school fun.  I respect the old school but I am new school at heart.  I love the shine and variations of today.  I am a team and player collector.  Bowman Chrome may have hundreds of different versions of this Ethier.  Someday they all may be mine!

The blue border looks great on a Dodger card.  Probably just about every team color has been represented by the different borders of Chrome products.  This makes this card extra special to me because it is repping the shade of the Dodgers.  This card is also numbered to 150.  This card was cheaper than I thought it should be.  As a collector of Ethier, I knew the odds of ever finding this card is kind of slim.  There may be at least 100 other Dodger collectors out there who may own this and aren't giving it up.  I had to pounce on a good deal like this.

Here is another serial numbered piece of cardboard that I picked up.  It is numbered to 999.  Since, Martin is not a Dodger anymore, I don't really seek out his cards too much.  I already have tons of Martin cards.  Because as you all know, Martin has been on some of the best Dodger cards of the 2000s.  I picked up this card because it shows Dodger Stadium.  That is what gained my attention.  This is mostly a stadium card to me.

I started the post with a legend of baseball named Frank Robinson.  Now I must close out the post with a legend of the Platter named Jeff Weaver.  Weaver is always welcome at the Platter.  He gets the VIP treatment just like Frank Robinson. 

Not only am I chasing some '81 Topps, but I am also after a Jeff Weaver auto.  I already have an autographed photo of him and I.  There must be a card out there with his signature on it.  Please help out your good ol' buddy Spiegel. 

Also, please let me know what decade that you think had the best base sets.  I am a little curious to see what some other bloggers think about that. 


dodgerbobble said...

I might hit Glendale. Probably just for the show, not for autographs.

Spiegel83 said...

I'm not going to get an auto. I am going to buy a stack of some good stuff.

Greg Zakwin said...

Not autos, but they might interest you nevertheless.