Monday, May 23, 2011

"O" No! Things Are Funner Here

I took the weekend off from blogging and baseball as well.  I just needed a break from collecting and watching baseball.  It was a weekend to get refreshed and enjoy some other aspects of life.  The weekend was fun while it lasted.  But, now it is time to get back to the great sport of baseball.  It is back to blogging about cards and watching the Dodgers play the Astros later tonight.

Let us get back to catching up on some trade posts.  I love the surprise aspect of trading cards.  Most trades that I have completed are semi-blind.  I know of a few of the cards that a bubble mailer will be carrying when I receive it but, the bulk of its contents are a mystery to me.  Cardboard junkies get a rush when they are about to open up a bubble mailer or a pack of cards. 

Ryan from the blog "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog, and I have made a handful of trades together.  I think I started trading cards with him on the Sports Card Forum. 

I have yet to open up any Gypsy Queen but, I am getting some in trades.  The blog world has opened up a lot of this set so, finding specific cards for my collection has been pretty easy.  Ryan pulled a Ian Kinsler Green Framed card and an Ichiro Wall Climbers insert.  These cards have such great detail to them up close.  I am very happy to get these in trades.

Ryan also sent me this card along with a bunch of other cards of Japanese ball players.  I have no idea who Katsuhiro Maeda is.  This card is funny though.  I saw it and laughed out loud.  I wonder if Maeda is embarrassed of this card.  This card was released in 1996 so, he probably has seen it. 

I also made a trade with Julie from Things Are Funner Here.  Julie and I are continuing to be great trade partners.  I always have a stack of some Phils waiting to be sent out her way.  I think she also always has a stack of Doyers going for me as well.  That is how we keep our record trade pace.

She sent me this sweet Matt Kemp serial numbered to 999 paper frame card!  Kemp may be the last Dodger standing with all the team's injury issues.  He is having a solid season and sadly it may be getting overlooked by some fans.  Kemp is having a very good all around season.  He is fielding well, stealing bases, hitting for average and power.  His masterful start is being pushed aside in the Dodgers news cycle by stories about ownership issues and stadium violence.  It is a shame that Kemp's season is having a great season while other stories are surrounding the team.

Julie also sent along this 2009 Topps Brad Ausmus card.  This is my first Ausmus card with him in Dodger blue.  A simple card like this makes this trade even sweeter to me. 

Both of these trades were great.  I have traded with Ryan and Julie several times so, please check out there blogs.  Maybe even shoot them over a trade offer.  They are great to deal cardboard with.

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Ryan said...

I thought you'd get a kick out of Maeda. Crazy ass hair!