Monday, May 9, 2011

The Daily Dimwit Brings A Happy Auto

Sam, the awesome blogger that runs the Daily Dimwit, and I came up with a trade.  I sent him a Michael Bourn Printing Plate that I pulled from my Masterpieces box.  I really wanted to get something nice in return for the printing plate.  The Dimwit came through strong.

The Dimwit sent me over my first Dodger cards from the new Gypsy set.  These cards are really nice.  I fully understand why the blog world is going nuts over this release.  I will probably pick up some packs of this real soon. 

Getting a couple cards with Koufax and Jackie on them is always good.  I will probably have the entire Dodger team base set before I even open a pack of this product.  I have the Dodgers in a group break and I hope that will score me the rest of the base set.  Luckily, this set has a ton of parallels. 

The Dimwit was nice enough to send over two Kershaws.  A regular base card and a mini.  Kershaw is pictured about to strike out a Rockie.  I believe this is from the game when Kershaw out dueled Ubaldo last year.

Now this is a happy auto.  This is a cut auto of Brett Butler.  Too bad this card doesn't have a photo of him but, he did put a happy face under his signature.  This card comes from a set called TCSP Diamond City Cuts.  I am not familiar with this company at all. 

Butler was a really good Doyer in the 90s.  As a kid, I was a huge fan of his.  He had a good average and on base percentage.  Butler also had good speed and scored a ton of runs.  He was a prototypical lead off man.  He knew what to do to get the job done and executed it.  This is my first Butler auto.  I hope that there may be some more out there.  I am not too sure though.  I had to jump at this offer as soon as Sam sent me the e-mail for the trade offer. 

Thanks for the trade!!!


night owl said...

I have a Butler auto. He was the best damn bunter this side of Rod Carew.

The Dimwit said...

Glad you like the Butler card! Thanks for the trade!