Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Play At The Plate Involving Nachos Grande

I have been getting a lot of trade packages in the past week or so.  I am getting a little backed up on them.  I have also been getting in some cards from group breaks.  It is now time to do some trade posts in pairs.  I lost order in which I received the bubble mailers, so I am going to pick a couple random ones from my pile to post about.

Nachos Grande joined a group break that was hosted at the blog Cardboard Collections.  Nacho beat me to the punch and picked up the Dodgers.  I sent him over some cards for his set and team needs.  Nacho was nice enough to send me some great looking 90s Nomo cards.  The Topps Laser die-cut is really cool.  They don't make sets like that anymore.

My photo doesn't do this Mike Piazza insert any justice.  The word "power" has fireworks exploding in the lettering.  The card has much more color on it than it seems.  Long live the 90s insert sets.

The second trade that I chose for this post comes from Brian at the blog Play at the Plate.  Brian sent me some big time mojo.  Since, my blog started, my collection of cards with game used bats and jerseys has really taken off.  Sometimes hits are just thrown in on trades.  The blog world is a great place to trade.

Here is a 2011 Topps Heritage Ryan Braun GU bat card.  Braun is probably my favorite non-Doyer.  I was at Dodger Stadium a couple days ago and the Brewers were in town.  Braun had a pretty solid game and made a real nice throw from left field to nail Aaron Miles at second base.  When the Brewers come to LA, I try to make sure that I am able to go to at least one game to see Braun play in person.  I don't get to see him on TV too much.  So, my best chance to watch him play is when he comes to Dodger Stadium.  Brewer fans should be really excited to have this guy locked up long term.

Brian threw this GU of Sheffield in the trade.  I wasn't expecting it but, I'll take it.  Sheff had some monster seasons as a Dodger.  I just wish he had a friendly personality.  He seemed paranoid.  That everyone was against him.  The media, the front office and the fans at some point during Sheffield's brief Dodger career were fed up with him.  Assuming, Sheffield gets into Cooperstown, which team will he be representing on his plaque? 

These are a couple cards that I really appreciate getting in this trade.  The Rauuuul Mondesi card is a 1998 reprint of his 1992 Leaf rookie card.  The photo of Rauuul looks really old fashioned to me.  Rauuul looks like a baseball player from the 70s.  I like the retro feel of this card.

Brian also sent me a sweet Chan Ho Park rookie card.  Park at some solid seasons as a Dodger, pitching as a starter as well as a relief pitcher.  Great cards of the Dodgers of my youth.

I want to thank both of you guys for the trades.  Stay tuned tomorrow as I pick a couple more bubble mailers filled with cards to post about.

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Play at the Plate said...

I'm glad those cards found a good home!