Monday, May 16, 2011

A Group Break All The Way From The Other World

I love a good group break.  Does any collector out there not enjoy a group break?  You can alwaysfind a group break to fit every budget.  I sometimes join one on Blogtv.  Blogtv offers some higher end breaks that are more hits oriented.  I mostly watch products getting busted and see some great cards getting pulled on a nightly basis.  The blog world also offers some great choices for group breaks.  Some guys in the blog world host monthly breaks. 

This time I around, I found a great baseball mixed break to join at the blog named The Other World.  Dan is the name of the dude that was running this break.  He chose a good variety of boxes to break.  I prefer a mixed break in order to get a bunch of different cards from various sets.  Some of the boxes Dan chose were of packs that I haven't opened.  Which is always something that I look for when picking a break to join.  In this break, I was able to get the Dodgers and the Brewers.  Some cards for my PC and some trade bait cards for a Brewers collector.

One of the boxes opened was 2008 Baseball Heroes.  I have some Dodgers from this set but, not many.  I also have never opened a pack of this product.  This is a great set.  It is a simple throwback design and still looks good. 

The Brad Penny card is a parallel numbered to 299.  This card is up for trade.  If any Dodger collector would like this card please let me know. 

The hits from this set look really sweet.  I was hoping to land at least one.  Sadly, the Platter struck out in that department.  I was still able to walk away with a few Dodgers that I needed from 2008 Baseball Heroes.  I also hope the Penny serial numbered card brings me a Dodger card that I prefer to have in my collection.

Dan also opened up some 2002 Topps Total and 2005 Upper Deck Classics.  The Topps Total was there to boast up some base card stacks.  I ended up with a big stack of Dodgers and Brewers.  All the Brewers cards that I got from 2002 Topps Total is for trade.  The Brewers didn't have too many players back then that I collect.  I picked uo the Brewers in hopes of landing some Ryan Braun in the newer boxes.  The 2002 Brewers feature such players as Geoff Jenkins, Ronnie Belliard and Devon White. 

2005 Upper Deck Classics was a box that I was hoping to get an awesome hit from.  The Platter struck out again.  I did get a very large stack of Dodgers from this set.  I may have gotten at least doubles of each Dodger base card in the set.  Any Dodger collector looking for any cards from this set, please let me know.

I never knew that they made top loaders for minis.  Now, I know.  That piece of knowlegde was an added bonus to this break because Dan was nice enough to package these two cards in mini top loaders.  The Matt Kemp and Rafael Furcal cards are from the 2009 Topps 206 set.  I have opened up a box of this before because I love retro sets.  Most of the Dodger cards that I got from this box were dupes.  These minis were a big score for me.  I was also able to get a Pee Wee Reese SP from this break.

Furcal is on his way back from the DL.  I hope he gets to play this week.  The team needs a table setter for Kemp and Ethier.  This will also allow Don Matingly to bat Jamey Carroll in the two spot.  This will give the Dodgers some good on-base percentage guys with speed at the top of the order.  Maybe this will be the spark the lineup needs before the team sinks even further.

I have never seen the 2003 Topps Gallery set before.  I am now a huge fan of this set.  It is an all painted set from various artists.  The artwork is reminiscent of Upper Deck Masterpieces.  This Kaz Ishii card is a parallel  with a flashy border.  I may have to search online for a box of this product.  Was this set popular when it was initially released?

One of the better cards that I recieved was this Pedro Guerrero #ed/999 League Leaders insert from the 2005 Upper Deck Classics set.  I have been bolstering my Guerrero collection since my blog started with mostly cards from the 80s.  Guerrero doesn't show up in many modern sets.  He was a beast in the 80s but wasn't an all-time great which must exclude him from modern Topps sets.

I sadly only got one Ryan Braun card in the whole break.  I know that he was only featured in some of the sets that Dan opened.  I also didn't get too much Brewer trade bait that I was hoping for.  The two cards above are parallels from the Topps Gallery set.  One is of Richie Sexson and the other is of Daryl Clark.  Both of these are the best Brewers trade bait cards that I got.

The break was really good for me as far as gathering Dodgers goes.  I was able to get plenty of Dodgers as well as some dupes for trades.  This was a fun break and I hope The Other World puts on another.  Thanks for hosting, Dan!

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