Monday, May 23, 2011

Hits, Hits and more Hits!

I remember a time when I first got back into collecting cards, way back in the fall of 2010.  During that time, I had to start my collection over from scratch.  I didn't have a bunch of GUs or autos to trade.  I didn't even have any that were in my PC.  I had to start ripping packs and buying some on ebay.  I eventually was able to amass a solid PC of GUs and autos in a short amount of time.  I was able to pick up some trade bait along the way. 

Having some solid GUs and autos as trade bait seems to lead to bigger trades.  I love acquiring autographed cards of Dodgers.  I busted a box of some Upper Deck Masterpieces awhile back and sent BA Benny a couple hits from my break.  He then sent me a handful of nice Dodger cards. 

Bam!  My first Hiroki Kuroda hit!!!  I love the way Topps Heritage Game Used cards look.  Great piece to our trade.

BA Benny also sent me a Bill Mueller game used bat card and a Derek Lowe game used jersey card.  Very nice!  Lowe was one of my favorite Dodger pitchers when he played for the team.  He was very consistent and had a good sinkerball. 

My hits collection keeps on growing thanks to BA Benny.  He sent me a sweet two piece jersey card of Jeff Kent.  He also throw in a Hideo Nomo game used jersey card #ed/250.  Both cards are welcome additions to my PC.

Cory Wade was a big part of the 2008 Dodgers bullpen.  He was a rookie that year and bailed the team out of many jams.  Wade was a one season wonder.  He has battled injuries and poor performances since 2008.  I appreciate what how he helped the team that year and was happy to get an auto of his.  BA Benny seemed shocked that I even wanted this card.  This was the card that sealed our deal.

If you have been reading the Platter recently, you may think that I only obtain cards throw trades.  Not so fast my friendly readers.  I also pick up some cards on ebay just like most collectors I know.  I found an Eric Byrnes on-card auto and a Yhency Brazoba auto on ebay for pretty cheap as you may expect.  I was a big fan of Byrnes when he played for the Oakland A's.  He played real hard and always seemed to hustle.  His career faded out in Seattle after some years in Arizona.  After Byrnes retired he started to play in a beer league crushing some high arching softballs.

I don't have much to say about Brazoban.  I only picked it up because it was a Dodger auto and it made me remember how fat Brazoban looked on the mound.  One of the charms of watching baseball is seeing a guy play a professional sport at its highest level, yet look out of shape. 

I busted a box of 2006 Flair Showcase a couple weeks back.  The box was cheap and brought me some great inserts and hits.  I know that there are many collectors of Vlad out there.  This card is available for trade.  I may eventually do a full post on this box break because it was very good to me.  In the meantime, I'll break it up and try and get some more Dodger hits for my collection.


Greg Zakwin said...

That Kuroda is sick! Congrats on the pick-up!

night owl said...

Yikes, you must've sent him some great stuff.

My problem is I have a hard time going out of my way to buy stuff of players/teams I don't collect in anticipation of a trade. If I pull it fine, but I don't want to get stuck with hits from teams I dislike. Besides, they cost money.

Looks like it's working for you!

Spiegel83 said...

Greg-Thanks! Kuroda needs to have more GUs out in the market.

Night Owl-I usually pull other team's hits from packs. Sometimes I may pick up a GU at a card show for a specific blogger. If the price is right.