Friday, May 13, 2011

For Card's Sake, Please Write a Trade Post

I just completed an awesome trade with Nick from For Card's Sake.  I sent him over a Jered Weaver GU as well as some Yanks for his PC.  This is the first time that we traded.  Nick sent me over some solid stuff.  He mailed me a GU, some serial numbered, and some base for my player PC.

This is my first Davey Lopes GU jersey.  The card has a great looking Dodger Blue color to the jersey.  I am not sure what part of Lopes' uniform that they cut this piece from.  The Dodgers usually have white or gray jerseys.  This will had some color to my Dodger GU collection.  I have a lot of cards with the bland white or gray piece. 

Lopes is now the first base coach on the Dodgers.  We stole him from Philly so he can teach our boys in blue how to run the bases well.  Lopes is getting a lot of credit for helping out Matt Kemp so far.  Kemp has been hitting the ball well, fielding better and stealing bases at a good rate.  Kemp also have a more focused aura to him.  He looks like the next Dodger superstar.  Thank you, Davey for helping Kemp reach a higher level. 

Nick also sent me this serial numbered Ichiro from the Topps Moments and Milestones series.  The card is numbered to 25.  This card is my lowest numbered Ichiro.  The card will stay in the top loader!  I always put cards that are numbered 50 or less in a top loader.  Also, GUs and autos get the top loader treatment.  The rest of my keepers gets put in pages and a binder. 

How do you guys pick what gets the top loader treatment?

Here are a couple of cards for my Nomo PC.  I am so glad that the card companies released so many Nomo cards.  My hunt for his cards will never end.  As I get more and more of his cards, I am starting to realize that Nomo has some really nice looking baseball cards.  His wind-up was unique.  So, this must have aided him in being able to be photographed well.  Nomo is a Dodger Baseball Card All-Star.  Russell Martin, Roger McDowell and Raul Mondesi are also on this team.  They were all guys that had cool photos on baseball cards.

Also, why did Topps stop making Stadium Club?  The photography was awesome year in and year out.  Upper Deck was always known for its great photos as well.  With Upper Deck out of the mix, maybe Topps can bring this set back.

Since, I have started my blog, I have cut down on my trades on the Sports Card Forum.  The Sports Card forum is great, don't get me wrong.  The site is well run and very organized.  But, it is hard enough for me to keep up with trades made through the Platter.  I am still involved in a monthly team traders group.  The group works like this, you pick a team.  In this case, I have the White Sox, since the Dodgers were already take.  Then whatever other team that you are grouped with, you would then send at least 20 cards too.  That is always fun.  You never know what your going to get.

There are a handful of people on the Sports Card Forum that I have traded with a lot.  Even some bloggers, I have traded with through this site.  The trade that I just got was from a guy named Todd that I have traded with on several occasions.  He collects Cardinals and other GUs and autos.  I sent him a 2011 Topps Barry Larkin auto for this Rafael Furcal auto.  I have never owned a Furcal auto before so I had to try and get this card.  It is also numbered to 50!

Furcal is going to go down as one of the better Dodger shortstops in there history.  If you look at his offensive numbers, he has been a very good player for the team.  Furcal just has a problem staying healthy.  I feel bad for him that he is so fragile.  When he is in the line-up, Furcal can be a game changer with his bat, speed or defense.  Get well, Furcal, the team needs you.

Todd also threw in this Claude Osteen card.  I am not sure what year this is from.  I know it was made by Topps.  There is a crease down the middle, which is too bad.  The card gives me my fix of the old school.

Thank you to you both for the cards!

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