Monday, May 30, 2011

Winnings From Cardboard Collections

Colbey from Cardboard Collections hosts a reasonably priced group break every month.  The price is always perfect for my budget.  Colbey also posts the box breaks at a good pace and ships quickly.  He is getting ready to get his group break going for the month of June.  So, please go check out his blog and maybe you could claim a team next group break.

Colbey was nice enough to pull tons of Dodgers for me.  I dominated this group break.  The bubble mailer that he sent me was mostly filled with some 90s Dodgers and a handful of cards from some packs of 2008 Timeline that he opened.  I really like the 1996 E-XL set.  Putting a frame on a card seems to always make the card more appealing.  It is still being done to this day.

Like I said, the bubble mailer was packed with Dodgers from the 90s.  Along with some nice Hideo Nomo cards were some nice Mike Piazza cards.  My favorite Piazza card that Colbey pulled for me is Pacific Mike Piazza card.  Pacific made some really colorful and unique sets back in the day.  Sadly, I didn't buy too many packs of Pacific growing up.  Good thing I can get some from trades or group breaks.

Colbey opened up some 1997 Upper Deck.  That set included a Jackie Robinson subset.  I think I got at least one Jackie in every pack.  I was left with dozens of cards from the Jackie subset.  These cards are very nice looking in person.  It is the perfect blend of retro photographs on a modern glossy card stock.

This was my big hit from the group break.  This card is a 2008 Timeline Chad Billingsley GU.  My Billingsley game used collection is growing.  I am still on the lookout for a Billingsley autograph.  So, please let me know if anyone has one for trade.

Thank you for pulling me soooooo many Dodgers in your group break, Colbey.  Please be sure to check out his blog and get in on his monthly group breaks.  They are always a lot of fun.


jaybarkerfan said...

Looks like you did very well! Anytime you bring home some Jackie's and a gu you are doing good.

Colbey said...

Nightowl was kicking himself for not grabbing the Dodgers last month! It was truly amazing that Dodgers kept coming out of ALL of the packs. Glad you hare happy w/ your cards.

A2 Wolverine said...

I'll keep an eye out for a Billingsley next time I got to the local card show.

Spiegel83 said...

Colbey-I was surprised too. It seemed too good to be true until i saw the stack that I got. Thanks for the break.

Wolverine-Keep your eyes open for me. Thank you!

night owl said...

Any blog group break I have ever seen has pretty much shafted the Dodgers until this one here.

But I do have a couple of Billingsley autographs. ;)