Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dodger Variety Bundle From The Godfather

As a Dodger blogger, I look up to the man that I call the Godfather.  This guy is referred by the name of Night Owl by mostly everyone else.  Night Owl's blog is a million times better than mine.  His blog gives me something to strive for.  Night Owl posts well written articles and has his blog very organized.  If you don't believe me of the greatness of Night Owl Cards, please go and check it out for yourself.

Now that I am done waxing poetic about my adoration of Night Owl's blog, he also sends great trade packages.  Night Owl and I trade about once a month.  We send our packages cross country to each other.  He has updated want lists of all the Dodger cards that he needs.  His lists make it easier for me to know just what he is looking for.  Night Owl always sends me a great variety of Dodgers from all different eras.

Godfather Night Owl sent me some cards of Dodger Legends.  Heck, these are baseball legends.  The greatest pitching duo in Dodger history, Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax.  These two cards are from the 1982 TCMA set.  At one point they may have been apart of a whole sheet of cards but, have since been ripped apart.  One of these days I will get a hold of a Koufax card from the 50s-60s.  But, as of right now, these are considered jewels of my collection.

Around a year or so ago, Joe Torre's charity that helps children of domestic violence, held a speaking engagement in Downtown LA.  Joe Torre, Sandy Koufax and LA Times writer/meddler T.J. Simers were to have a sit down interview.  It was a night that I won't forget.  Koufax was cordial, funny, and a great story teller.  I was so happy to even be in the same room as Koufax.  He is a living legend.  Even though my seats were pretty far back from the stage, I think that is the closest I will ever get to being next to a God.

The Godfather also sent along some cards of other Dodger legends.  He sent along some Jackie Robinson's that I did not have.  About a couple weeks ago, former Laker great Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, was whining to the media about not having a statue outside of Staples Center.  Kareem's words made him sound like a bitter child.  You can't whine for a statue.  But, I can whine for a statue of Jackie Robinson outside of Dodger Stadium.  Why doesn't Jackie have one yet at Dodger Stadium?  Whomever buys the Dodgers from the evil McCourts, please consider giving an all time great such as Jackie Robinson a statue.  This could be done when the Dodgers get new ownership.  Please.

Hideo Nomo isn't on the same level of greatness as the previous players pictured.  But, he is one of my heroes of modern Dodger history.  Nomo was very popular as a Dodger.  He had a funky delivery and a splitter that would just drop in the zone.  I wish the Dodgers would call Nomo up and bring him back for some recognition.  I am not saying he deserves a statue but, maybe a bobble head night where Nomo can throw out the first pitch.  The fans would like that and it would be a nice gesture to a man that helped the Dodgers win a lot of ballgames. 

Thank you for the trade package, Godfather Night Owl.  Your trade packages are always welcome at the platter.

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You're welcome. Happy to lay some old-school on you.