Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things Are Funner at the Platter Today

It pumps me up to get some mail with the return address from Things are Funner Here.  The blog is run in a grade "A" fashion.  Julie writes good posts and makes solid trades.  Those are two skill sets that will make a blog run at greatness.  She collects the Phils plus some other player PCs.  Julie is also trying to build the 2009 Goodwin Set.  Please help her out with that. 

I was able to send Julie some cards for her team, player and set needs.  We have made so many trades so far, that whenever I open a pack and see a Phil or Ryan Zimmerman for example, I always just place the cards in a team bag to be sent out.  Julie also may hold the record for sending me cards that I don't have.  Especially when it comes to sending me Dodgers.  My Dodger cards take up most of my collection.  So, that's the source of getting my most dupes.  My Haves Lists must actually work.  Wooooooo!

I was shocked to see that I didn't own this card.  I had know idea that it this Ian Kinsler was new to me.  I opened so many packs of 2010 Topps 206.  It was one one my favorite sets of 2010.  Since I got back into collecting last fall after a long hiatus.  The retro set craze is fairly new to me.  It has worn off and gotten stale.  There is some bloggers out there that seem bored with cards like this.  Not at the Platter.  The retro craze lives on.

Even thought I love Topps 206, Heritage, and A&G, I do have a gripe towards these sets.  My biggest gripe is that there are too many variations that look the same.  Some cards have different backs, minis, or different colored borders.  Sometimes it is possible to lose track of what you own from these sets.  But, other than that the retro craze lives at the Platter.

Shiny cards that you obtain through wrapper redemptions are always welcome here also.  Andre Ethier is my favorite current Dodger.  So, it is extra important when I acquire a card of his that I don't own.  Julie posted about the cards she got for redeeming her Topps wrappers.  Ethier looks like a college party kid on this card.  He has some scruff and messy hair.  Ethier must have had one too many keg stands while celebrating a victory over the giants.

Night Owl has been raving about this set recently.  This is an awesome insert.  It's creative and different from other releases so far this year.  Good job, Topps!  Julie sent me my first card from this set.  This card shows Braun getting ready to hit a bomb.  I always wonder what type of star he would be if he played in LA, New York, or Chicago.  Actually as well as quite a few different bigger cities.  Braun is known and respected by many baseball fans and collectors.  I am just not sure how known he is by casual fans.  Someday, in a distant future, the McCourt mess will be gone and the Dodgers will be able to aquire top notch talent again.  Come back home, Braun!

Thanks for the trade Julie.  I already have some cards that I'm compiling for another record setting trade.

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ThingsareFunnerHere said...

Thanks for the kind words, and the trades! We are setting records, I wish we would have counted from the beginning :-)