Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Ballsy For Writing This Trade Post

I love trading with other Dodger bloggers.  All of us, Dodger bloggers have a box or binder of dupes of our favorite team.  Not many collectors of other teams collect current Dodgers so, the dupes box grows pretty quickly.  Luckily, I have been able to find many other Dodger bloggers out there to trade with.  Are No over at the blog I'm Ballsy and I got in touch to pull off a trade.  He and I are both Dodger collectors.  He also collects the A's and Yanks.

Are No is a cool dude and a great guy to trade with.  He collects a lot of the same era of Dodgers that I grew up with.  I sent him a lot of 90s and 2000s Dodger cards with some A's mixed in.  It is also cool to trade with an A's collector.  Even though the A's have had some successful eras, there still aren't many A's team collectors.  I have only found a couple thus far.  Maybe there are some more with a stack of extra Kurt Suzuki cards to send my way.

The generosity of the bloggers that I have traded with continues to impress me.  Are No sent me this awesome 2007 SPX Hong Chih Kuo game used #ed/175.  I have a couple other Kuo game used cards but this is the nicest one of the bunch. 

Kuo is currently on the DL.  He has been a force in the Dodgers bullpen when healthy.  Kuo has a long list of injury issues and I hope he gets well soon.  The Dodgers need him at the back end of the pen to dominate hitters.  In my opinion, Kuo is the second best pitcher on the Dodgers behind Clayton Kershaw.  Kuo has strikeout stuff and is tough enough to come back from several surgeries.  Kuo is a beast!

Are No was nice enough to throw in a sweet Garvey to help with my 1981 Topps Chase.  With all the turmoil surrounding the Dodgers ownership, it looks like the team may be sold soon.  Bud Selig has finally stepped in and tossed Frank McCourt out.  MLB has taken over the Dodgers for the time being.  Great news!  I read in the LA Times, that Garvey is trying to get a group of investors together to take over the team if they go on sale.  This rumor has been circulating for a little bit now.  The rumor is just being reiterated because the sale of the Dodgers seems imminent.

I'm not sure if Garvey would be a good guy to have in the Dodgers front office.  He was a great player.  Garvey was a mainstay on some great Dodger teams in the 70s-early 80s.  But, Garvey also has had some off the field issues.  He has had a messy divorce, paternity cases, money problems and just seems like kind of a sleazy dude.  He doesn't seem trustworthy.  I know some older Dodger fans may get mad at me for saying some negative things about Garvey.  It's that whoever or what group takes over the Dodgers, that they be the best group available.  The team needs someone who will make the team and stadium better.  Someone that I can trust.  It has been a long time since the Dodgers have had competent owners.  It has been far too long for such a prestigious franchise.  Please get this one right, Bud Selig.

Now back to looking at some cards and discussing events that occur on the field.  Are No sent me a nice Turkey Red Matt Kemp rookie card.  Kemp is rocking the number 65.  He must have not earned number 27 yet.

I like most of the Turkey Red sets but I'm not too big a fan of the gray border.  This card is very dark.  Most of the background is black.  Kemp's face looks shadowy. 

How do you guys pick out which cards to have a picture of in your posts?  I really like this card because it is a Kemp rookie card.  Kemp is on a tear so far this year.  He is playing top notch baseball.  This card is very dark and the grey border doesn't help add some color. 

This card has some color!  It is a 2010 Allen and Ginter Andre Ethier relic.  2010 Allen and Ginter used a bright tropical colored scheme to there hits.  It is certainly a nice set to have pictured on your blog.  It adds color which may make the Platter more appealing to look at.

Ethier like Kemp is tearing it up for the Dodgers.  He is batting well over .300 and seems focused to surpass last years numbers.  This card for me is a dupe.  If anyone out there is interested in this card please let me know.

Thanks for the trade Are No.  Sending me two game used cards was so cool.  We will have to trade again.  I have a lot more cards to send your way.

Viva Los Doyers!

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