Thursday, April 21, 2011

2008 Goudey Box Break! Come By the Platter and Make a Deal!

I got some birthday money earlier this month from my grandmother.  I was dead set on using some of the money on a box of cards.  Since I had time to contemplate what type of box I could get, I came up with a listing of criteria for my purchase. 

My list of criteria was:
1.  A set that I opened none or very few packs of.

2.  A box with at least two "hits" in it.

3.  The design of the base set was to my liking.

4.  The price was under 50 bucks.

So, 2008 Goudey fit the bill.  I was ready to make my purchase and bust open some packs.  I have acquired some cards from this set.  Most of the base set and inserts were new to me.  The "hits" that I got was really nice.  I already traded the Nick Swisher auto that I pulled.  The Swisher found a nice home with the Chronicles of Fuji.  I forgot to take a photo of it before I mailed it out.  It was a rookie mistake.  Check out Fuji's blog if you want to see it. 

Let's start with some base cards.  Most of you may know what Goudey looks like.  I just wanted to make sure so, some of these cards can be shipped out in trades.  The one gripe that I have with this set is seeing Jeter's face on almost every card.  Some have Ken Griffey Jr. on them.  I know it's a nod to the Goudey cards of the past so, my gripe isn't too big.  The art work on these cards are great even though some of the cards don't look like the players.

Eddie Murray is rockin' a nice 'fro.  The Evan Longoria is not only his rookie card it is also an error card.  Jeter is pictured on the bottom but the card states "Ken Griffey Jr. Says."

Here are a couple more rookie cards that Goudey has to offer.  One card features Jay Bruuuuuce of the Reds.  The other card is a friend of Night Owls, a Red Sox pitcher named Clay Buchholz.  He has some zombie eyes.  Buchholz has a creepy, terminator look.  Maybe Night Owl is right, Buchholz is a weird looking dude.

I may keep this Pedro.  I was a big fan of watching him pitch.  But, if a Mets fan really wants it then I'll send it there way.  There are a lot of Josh Hamilton collectors.  If any one of the many of you want his base card from this set please let me know. 

I also have many more base cards for trade.  If anyone is working on this set, send me over a want list.  This set looks fine, but I'm not really a set collector.  I am much more comfortable in my realm of player/team collector.  This also gives me a lot of trade bait for the set builders of the community.

These cards are of a subset called 1936 Goudey Black and White.  They look like cheap head shots.  Luckily, I pulled a Jeter so, I can rid this card from my collection quickly.  Cheap head shots like these fill potholes in Hollywood.  

Getting some minis was a major perk of this box.  I'm a huge fan of minis.  I kept some of them for my PC.  These cards pictured are for trade.  The Freddy Sanchez and the Ryan Church are Blue Backs.  The King Felix is a Black Back.  This card is #ed/34.  I have never made a trade with a Mariners fan.  So this could be my lucky post that makes that happen.  The Ryan Church and the Freddy Sanchez will probably sit in my trade binder for awhile.  The King Felix will probably be gone shortly.

How do you guys organize your cards for trade?  I keep the cards that I have for trade in a separate binder.  Star cards, inserts, serial numbered, and parallels of players and teams that I don't collect are kept separate for easy finding when digging up cards for a trade.

Some more Yankee Stadium Legacy cards.  This is the major downside to opening recent Upper Deck baseball products.  Do you Yankee collectors like this set?  Because I'm sure every other collector is trying to dump these cards your way.  Please someone take these cards off my hands.

Some of the short prints I have kept or traded already.  These are two that I have left to deal.  Of course any card of a player in a Giant uniform is for trade.  Giant cards don't belong in my collection.  The blog world has many Red Sox collectors so, the Yaz SP should find a good home soon.

Just as I am looking at this set, I am realizing that the inserts and subsets are kind of lame.  The Sports Royalty set is total week sauce.  I only got one baseball player and some other athletes that I don't follow.  Retro sets often throw in some random non-baseball related cards.  These cards usually just sit in my trade binder for awhile until I remember I have them and then I throw them into a lot for a fellow blogger. 

Besides the Nick Swisher auto, this was the other big pull of the box.  It is a very high quality jersey card of Lance Berkman with a black Astro stripe.  I predict this card will go quick.  There aren't too many Astros collectors in the blog world but, there are some Berkman collectors. 

This was a fun box break.  I got two good hits and a nice serial numbered mini.  I also got some good PC cards that I may show in a later post.  The trade bait cards that I have just shown should bring in even more cards for my PC.

The base set is what drew me into buying this box.  The base set and the hits were the best part of this break.  The box was definitely worth the price. 


Play at the Plate said...

We haven't traded yet but we need to. I need the Hamilton, the Yaz and all the sports royalty cards. I'm a Ranger collector so I can hook you up with some Kinsler cards for sure.

Spiegel83 said...

Sounds good. I'll send you an email and we'll work out a deal.

SpastikMooss said...

I started out with a trade binder but over time it has become a trade box. Makes it easier to carry to the LCS when I trade with him too.

Also do you know the M's collectors around? Wasn't sure if you hadn't traded due to lack of tradeables or lack of contact. I know both Emerald City Diamond Gems and First Day Issue collect Mariners, so they're good places to start.

Anonymous said...

Most of my available for trade baseball cards are in disorganized team stacks on a card table. I... wouldn't recommemd this method.

Also, King Felix is one of my main non-Cubs player collections, so I'm interested if it's still available.