Monday, April 4, 2011

Trade Post Featuring Godfather Night Owl

Night Owl and I have made several trades together.  We have made trades even before I started this blog.  Greg is a great guy to trade with because he has tons of Dodger dupes and I collect Dodgers.  Our partnership works out great.  He sent me this 2006 Topps Heritage Jeff Weaver.  I may be the only collector that gets excited when he gets a Weaver card that he doesn't own.  Make fun of me if you want but, Weaver is my boy!

Night Owl has a very comprehensive Dodgers needs list on his blog.  It makes it easier to know what I should send him.  One day I may get that organized and have a list like that on my blog.  The chances are very slim but I do have most of my Dodgers listed in Excel.

Here is a 1998 Flair Showcase card of Nomo.  It's very shiny and pictures Nomo wearing the flip top shades.  This photo must have been taken on his off day because I don't remember him ever wearing sunglasses on the mound.

Every now and then Night Owl will include a game used jersey card in the stack that he sends me.  This one features one of my faves, Hideo Nomo.  There is a slight crease above the S.  No worries though, it has a jersey and a photo of Nomo.  That works for me!  I haven't confirmed this but, Nomo wore this piece of fabric while pitching the Dodgers to victory over the giants. 

I once again apologize for my lack of posts.  I really want to post everyday but things have been hectic with my new job and pending relocation.  I'm trying to wrap up and trades that I have going on before I exit LA.  I have also been busy watching baseball games.  I have already attended two Doyer games including opening day and I am 2-0.  Baseball is back! 

Thank you, Godfather for the great cards!  I'll send you one more package from my California home before I move. 


hiflew said...

Hmm. That's weird I heard he wore it when he go shellacked by the Rockies. Well maybe my source was inaccurate (or made up). Seriously it is a sweet looking jersey card.

BTW, do you only collect Weaver as a Dodger cards or from all teams?

night owl said...

I think he wore it when he NO-HIT THE ROCKIES.

You've got a big move going on, you don't have to worry about sending me cards now.