Thursday, April 28, 2011

Please Join A Friend's Group Break

A friend of the Platter's, Johnny aka Hiflew aka the dude that has the blog Cards from the Quarry, is hosting his first ever group break.  The group breaks in the blog world are always run well and fairly priced.  The collectors that host blogs always pick a good selection of boxes.  Johnny also picked out some cool choices on what to break. 

He picked out some '98 Bowman.  This is a set that I do not have much of due to this being my cardboard dead zone.  He also chose to open up some boxes of 2003 and 2004 Bazooka.  The relics from this set look really cool.  I should be pulling at least one Doyer game used from this break.  So, everyone else will try there luck at getting the other ones.

So, everyone now, go over to his blog and sign up.  He just made his post on this earlier today so, there are still plenty of solid teams left.  I hope you join me in this break.

1 comment:

hiflew said...

Thanx for the pub man. BTW, I got your cards in the mail today...tornadoes this week have slowed me down due to lack of sleep. (no damage here, lucky this time)