Friday, April 8, 2011

Group Break/Trade with Colbey from Cardboard Collections

Colbey from Cardboard Collections, hosts a well priced group break every month.  I have been able to get the Dodgers in his past few breaks.  During his group breaks, Colbey and I usually can work out a trade.  This time around I sent him a Josh Hamilton GU jersey and Colbey sent me this 2005 Flair Nomo GU jersey.  This card also pictures B.J. Upton lurking in the background.  Luckily, this card pictures Nomo in his Dodger uni.  He always played best as a Dodger.

Colbey busted a box of some 1994 Collector's Choice.  This was one of my mostly collected sets of my childhood.  I used to buy packs of these at my local CVS.  The first card pictures Mike Piazza.  Piazza was one of my favorite Dodgers of the 90s.  It makes me sad to see cards of Piazza in any other uniform.  The Dodgers traded Piazza in his prime.  In my opinion, the trade that sent Piazza away was the worst trade in Dodger history.  I am still not over it.  I know that Gary Sheffield had some good seasons as a Dodger.  But, Piazza was the face of the franchise and the Dodgers ownership decided to dump him.

Pedro was traded as he was a young rising pitcher at the time of his trade.  You could see the potential of his skill set.  But, the Dodgers had a need for a second baseman and sent Pedro to the Montreal Expos for Delino Deshields.  Deshields  had some skills back then.  He was also a young player on the rise.  Delino had great speed and on base skills.  So, the trade of Pedro wasn't as bad as the Piazza trade because Pedro hadn't reached his peak as a Dodger yet.  Both trades still sting a lot for Dodger fans.

Colbey also broke some 1994 Score and 1994 Fleer.  The inserts of my childhood are kick ass.  The Piazza with the American Flag in the background is my favorite pull from this break.  The card makes Piazza look like a true American hero.  Which everyone knows he is. 

The Pedro Boys of Summer insert just screams 90s.  The 90s was my prime years of my youth.  So, anything that makes me remember my formative decade is a winner in my book.

Also part of our trade was this 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces James Loney.  This is one of the finest looking sets of recent years.  It's also one of my least opened.  One of my collecting goals of the Spring is to open some packs of this product.  Every card of this set is impressive.  This card of James Loney is even appealing to me despite him being one of my least favorite current Dodgers.  Please pick your game up, Loney!

Thanks for the trade and group break, Colbey!

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