Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Great Sports Name Hall Of Fame Trades Me Some Cards

Tim from the blog The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame and I have made a couple trades since his Trade Draft.  This time I sent him some modern trade bait.  In return he sent me some 70s-80s cards, a hit and a pack of 1989 Topps Minis.  It was a good mix of cards.  This was a great trade.  I helped his trade bait and he helped mine.  I will keep some of what he mailed me and try to trade some of the older cards for other older cards that I'm looking for.

I love getting random somewhat oddball cards in a trade.  This trade was pretty much blind on my side so, this card was a pleasant surprise.  I think this card was from a Starting Lineup figure.  I don't remember Starting Lineup selling packs of cards.

The first card is a 1980 Topps Rowland Office card.  This is a world class name!  1980 Topps is a pretty cool set.  Tim also sent me a 1979 Paul Reuschel card.  Not to fully drag Reuschel's name through the mud, so all I'll say is that he looks creepy.  That is as far as I'll go in describing the appearance of Paul Reuschel.  Make your own comments among yourselves.

Both of these cards are for trade for cards of the same era that may interest me.  Please check out Tim's trade bait page on his blog.  Some of the cards that I sent him should be listed.

Tim also sent along this pack of cards.  I wasn't sure what year or set that this was from.  It crossed my mind to not open the pack.  I only thought that for a few seconds though.

I wonder where Tim got this pack.  Was it just sitting in a long forgotten shoe box?  Did he buy this recently at a card show?  I am just curious how this pack lasted so long without getting opened.  I mean it looks old.  I can feel the rock solid gum protruding from the pack.

Here are some of the contents of the pack.  These are 1989 Topps Minis.  I don't have any of these so, this was a good bonus to the trade.  Wally Joyner looks really happy on his card.  Good for him.  He's a big league ball player, he should be laughing.  These three are for trade.

These two are keepers.  These two cards are staying at the Platter.  Ozzie Guillen is one of my favorite current managers.  He always has an opinion and doesn't mind ruffling some feathers.  People like Guillen keep baseball interesting off the field.  Most current players or managers give bland interviews but Guillen adds some flair when he speaks.  Good dude!

Dawson is a bad ass and a Hall of Famer.  His mustache alone makes this card a keeper.

This was a pleasant surprise of the trade.  I wasn't expecting to get a hit out of the trade.  The blog world once again proves to be very generous.  This 2002 Donruss Classics Gary Sheffield Game Used Jersey is numbered out of 500.  It is a very nice looking card.

This was another good trade between Nomo's Sushi Platter and the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.  Please check out Tim's blog and help him out with some Senaca Wallace cards.

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SpastikMooss said...

Glad you liked it! The pack is 89 UK Minis, and I actually got a whole bunch of them (10 maybe) from Heartbreaking Cards way back in the day in a trade. Every now and then I send one out - looks like you hit a hot pack with the Dawson and Guillen!

And if I ever get more 70's stuff I'll definitely send some your way!