Monday, April 11, 2011

Trade Package from Hobbs' Knights

This was my first trade with Jason over at Hobbs' Knights.  He's an Orioles collector.  Jason also has many set building endeavours going on.  He sent me a great package of cards the other day.  It was loaded with cards that I didn't own.  He sent me some nice 2011 Topps Heritage as well as this golden Ryan Braun Topps Update card #ed/2005. 

He also included this great card of a 1998 Rauuuuuul Mondesi.  Mondesi was one of my top doggs growing up.  I, like most Dodger fans of the 90s, thought that Rauuuul was going to be a stud for a long period of time.  He had a handful of really good seasons in the bigs but didn't meet his lofty expectations.  The 2011 Topps Heritage Kurt Suzuki was a card that was on my most wanted list.  Consider that card scratched of the list.

The main prize of this lot was a 1998 Gallery of Heroes Hideo Nomo.  The card is larger than the standard card.  It is made to look like a stain glass window.  Very awesome card!  Thanks for sending me this, Jason.  We will have to trade again.

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Are No said...

Yeah, man... Mondesi is tops. Also, the Nomo acetate is sweet.