Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Old School Binge Continues

At a card show that I attended a couple weeks ago, I was able to pick up some cool old school cards.  I have been to this card show several times.  It is a weekly show with card dealers that sell boxes, packs, vintage, and modern autos/gu.  So, there is a solid mix of everything.

I usually skip the tables with cards pre-90s.  The sets from the 70s or earlier didn't interest me much.  But, since there aren't as many new sets popping up that captivate my interest, I have to go back in time to pick up some awesomeness that is new to me.  This time at the show I picked up a box of 2007 Masterpieces that I promise I will post about real soon, and I bought some random singles.  The cards that I picked up from the 70s were the best pick ups that I got.

I was digging through a box of commons and semi-stars from the 60s-early 80s when I came across this 1973 Topps card of Willie Davis.  This photo looks to be of Davis getting a brush back pitch versus the Phils at Dodger Stadium.  I give my approval of this photo selection.

The 1973 Topps set is a set that I will probably collect someday.  After I am able to complete my want list of '81 Topps, then I will begin my 1973 Topps chase.  I'm just getting an early jump on things because the price was right and the dealer had a good selection of cards from this era.  I have always overlooked a table like this but, now I am able to appreciate the classics. 

This set offers a lot of great action shots like the Willie Davis card.  But, this set also has some photos of dudes in near empty ball parks.  I wonder how Topps picks who gets a memorable action photo on there card and who gets a dull standing still photo.  Jerry Reuss pitched 192 innings in 1972 for the Astros.  A photographer must have found him at some other point to take a better photo.

Now back to a 1973 Topps action shot.  This is a memorable card.  When photos like this show up in the set, you can see what led to sets know for photography like Topps Stadium Club.  I wasn't really sure who Mike Epstein was.  But, the card just looked cool and was cheap so I bought it. 

I looked up some stats of Mike Epstein and it turns out he had some pretty good seasons.  He had some pop and good on-base skills.  The late 60s and early 70s were his peak years.  Collecting cards and learning about baseball go well together.  Since, I started to collect again, I have been able to pick up even more knowledge about ball players than I had before.  Card collecting keeps you up on players of the past as well as a hot shot minor leaguer.

Aside from 1973 Topps, I also found some other old school treats.  This is my first Leo Durocher card.  It shows him as the manager of the Cubs.  The card isn't in great shape but, it is a card of Leo Durocher, who was a major piece of Brooklyn Dodger history.  The other card is a 1975 Topps card of Victory Leaders.  It shows some all time greats.  I am glad to see Messersmith representing Dodger blue on the card.

These two cards were picked up at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet.  They are two oddball cards featuring two hall of famers and a great comedic actor.  The Brock/Hernandez card is from a set that came with a magazine called Collectors Quarterly.  I am pretty sure that is accurate.  I am guessing on this from the info that I am reading from the back of the card.  If anyone in the blog world knows more about this card/set please let me know.

The other card is of Dodger Don Sutton.  Sutton has the 'fro oozing from under his cap.  This card is from 1975.  I believe the set is called SSPC.  Maybe that stands for something else.  Info on the Sutton card is needed at the Platter as well.  Thanks.

In news that is unrelated to my recent old school binge, I opened some 2011 Topps Heritage today.  Luckily, I was able to pull a Jacoby Ellsbury GU Bat card.  This card is very trade able.  I also pulled a a Brian McCann #443 Short Print from this set.

This is a fresh card straight from the pack.  Please let me know if your interested in trading for this card or the McCann SP.

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73 had a few nice play at the plate shot too!