Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dodger Blogger Unite:A Package From GCRL

As a Dodger blogger I get to trade with a lot of the other Dodger blogs out there.  GCRL is one of the Dodger blogs that I trade with on a regular basis.  Jim the blogger on GCRL always fills needs in my team collections.  I have tons of Dodger dupes and I send him a stack of Dodgers and Twins. 

He sent me this nice Nomo from Donruss 2003.  This card has Nomo dominating the Marlins in an empty Sun Life/Land Shark/Joe Robbie Stadium.  The Marlins are getting a new stadium built.  I don't understand how a city can give tax dollars towards a new stadium when people don't buy tickets to go to games.  The Marlins aren't a hapless franchise.  They have had some good players to watch.  I'm just not sure a team deserves a new park when the buying public seems so apathetic.

Jim also sent me this 1995 Donruss Hideo Nomo RC.  I was shocked when I checked my haves list and this was not on there.  I really thought that this card was a proud member of my collection.  Thanks for sending me this one.  I'm sure most Dodger collectors have around a half dozen 1995 Donruss Nomo cards.

This Gagne is my first card of his from the year 2000.  He is wearing the number 48.  This is old school Gagne before he became a beast of a closer.  It was also probably before he started to juice up and blow fastballs past opposing hitters.

I remember getting these stickers as a kid.  I would peel them off and stick them on my card binders.  I would place the National League team stickers on one binder and the American Stickers on another.  All teams were represented except the giants.  The giants are represented anywhere in a Dodger home.

Thank you for the trade Jim.  We'll trade again real soon.  Please check out his great blog, GCRL.

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