Monday, April 25, 2011

Godfather Night Owl Returns

Greg from the world famous blog, Night Owl, and I have made another trade.  We have made several trades over the months.  I always know that I am going to get a solid, generous trade with Night Owl.  I am also glad that he writes an awesome blog and is a Dodger fan. 

Night Owl left a note in the bubble mailer that mentioned that "Uribe better start hitting or I'm going to start to think he's a spy."  This may sound odd to some of you but I know full well what Night Owl is talking about.  Whenever a player comes from the Giants to the Dodgers and is unsuccessful, Dodger fans start to think he may be a spy sent here to sabotage the team.  My buddy and I were at a Dodgers game against the Braves and we were talking about the same thing.  What if Juan Uribe signed with the Dodgers just to make us a worse team?

Juan Uribe got on a little bit of a hot streak probably after this package was mailed out.  He then got "hurt" and decided to take a couple days off.  I have a feeling the Giants threatened him because he started to play well.  This force Uribe to get "hurt" and sit rather than play and make errors.  This may be his best decision. 

Night Owl was also nice enough to know some 1981 Topps off my list.  We have some really good Dodger players from the 70s and 80s.  Lopes is now the first base coach with the Dodgers.  Some say that Lopes is having a good influence on Matt Kemp.  Kemp is off to a scorching start.  I say that it's because Kemp isn't dating Rhiana.  I guess it doesn't matter.  Kemp is a beast and Lopes is a bad ass.

From 1981 Topps to some new school shine.  Night Owl is a Jon Link super collector.  He probably has a dozen or so 2010 Topps Chrome Jon Link Refractors lying around.  I am also a big fan of the 2011 Topps Diamond Parallel.  Many of the other bloggers are huge fans of the set also.

Kuo is currently on a rehab assignment and should be back soon.  When he returns, I hope he may get a chance to close some games. 

A couple of Dodger stars of the 90s.  Piazza and Mondesi were two of my favorites growing up.  Mondesi had a cannon of an arm with power at the plate.  He way a joy to watch in his younger days.

This Pinnacle set is awesome.  Great photography and nice glossy card stock.  The 90s had great variety of sets.  Probably too many sets back then and some have been overlooked due to the market getting flooded with cardboard.  The overflow of sets is what made me take a break from the hobby.  Now we are at the opposite extreme.  We only have one company to choose from while buying packs.  As a collector, this will give me time to go back in years and get some cards that I may have missed out on.

Thanks for the trade Night Owl.  You are always welcome at the Platter.


night owl said...

Cool deal! I still don't know what to think on Uribe.

Spiegel83 said...

I'm leaning towards spy and Colletti is in on it.