Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Draft Picks from the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame:Trade Bait Edition

I finally got my cards from the Trade Bait Draft!!!  Wooo!  This is really great news.  I'm sure some of you guys have read about the Draft held over at Great Sports Name Hall of Fame a few weeks back.  With no fault of Tim the great host of this event.  There was some cards that didn't change hands quick enough between a third party.  I'm just so glad that I did get most of my cards.  This was a genius concept and if you didn't join this one then you should jump at the chance to get in on the next one.

I'm going to start by showing off some of the cards that I drafted as trade bait.  I was able to snag some decent cardboard to be flipped for some Dodgers.  I got some hits, a serial numbered, and some nice rookies.  I also got a sweet dual auto that will be in my hands shortly. 

These are two of the hits that I was able to pick up.  One is a 2009 Upper Deck Team USA game used jersey Chris Hernandez.  Hernandez is a prospect in the Red Sox system.  He was a star pitcher at the University of Miami.  Another USA card that I got is 2008 Upper Deck Junior National Team L.J. Hoes Auto #ed/300.  Hoes now plays in the Orioles low minors. 

I know there are at least a couple Brewers collectors out there.  This is a 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Franchise History Prince Fielder #ed/999. 

A couple days ago, I started a search for some 1981 Topps cards.  Unfortunately these aren't two of them.  Tim was nice enough to throw these in for the draft participants.  I'm hoping to trade these two for maybe a 1981 Topps card on my want list.  Please let me know if you can help me out and we'll work out a trade.

I was able to get some solid rookie cards during the draft.  I picked up a 2006 Bowman Jon Lester RC.  There are lots of Red Sox collectors so, I'm sure someone will need that card.  The next is a 1999 Stadium Club Chrome Eric Chavez RC.  I hope Stadium Club makes a comeback.  The photography and quality of card stock was amazing.  The next card is a 2000 Topps Prospects card.  The card pictures Matt Riley/Mark Mulder/CC Sabathia.  I like three team cards because that means there are more team collectors likely to want it.

Overall, the trade draft was a great experience.  I was able to meet some other great bloggers.  The cards that everyone got was a great buy.  This concept definitely needs to take off.  Even if two or three different bloggers need to pull some trade bait together and host one.  This draft also pushed me to become a blogger.  The community is very friendly and was something that I wanted to be a full member of.  Thanks for hosting the event Tim.   

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SpastikMooss said...

I told you that Chavez was sweet!

And me and Too Many Grandersons are moving along on the trade bait front. I got 6 relics in a trade the other day and just made a trade of one card of mine for 11 hits of another guy's. Trade bait 2 is gonna be excellent!