Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Chronicles Of A Great Trade With Fuji

Fuji is a great trade partner.  We have traded on the Sports Card Forum and through our blogs.  This trade was done in the blog world.  Fuji has already posted about the cards that I sent his way.  He seemed very pleased with the bubble mailer that I sent him.  I love seeing a trade go well.

Fuji's blog is very well organized.  It has a nice color scheme and he has what he collects clearly stated on the side bar.  Fuji is also constantly posting on his blog.  I know he has a job so, for him to squeeze in time to update his blog is commendable.  The Platter tips his cap to you, Fuji.  You run a good ship in your end of the blog world.  Now onto the trade!

Fuji must have caught wind that I'm on the hunt for '81 Topps.  He sent along this nice Dusty Baker.  This goes out to the Dodgers fans that had the privilege of watching them play in the 70s.  How well liked was Dusty?  He had some really good seasons for the team.  I mostly know him from chewing a toothpick, wearing wristbands, and wearing Giant gear. 

Fuji also threw in the sweet Pinnacle Hideo Nomo.  That is such a great photograph.  Pinnacle used to have some nice glossy cards with great photography in the 90s.  I miss the days of having a variety of sets to choose from.  It was fun as a team or player collector because it gave you so many cards to chase.  There are still cards that I get from the 90s that look completely new to me. 

Allen and Ginter is an awesome set.  The card stock is of good quality and may be the best of the retro sets.  I'm looking forward to getting some in 2011.  Oddly, Allen and Ginter, is a set that I don't often buy packs of.  It seems that a lot of other collectors open a lot of boxes of this product so it is available for trade and in common boxes at card shows frequently.  The Ichiro sketch card is a very cool card.  The sketch makes Ichiro like a little boy for some reason.  Maybe that was Ichiro's request to the artist.

The other card is a 2008 Opening Day card.  It is the second one that I have of this card.  So, if anyone is interested, let me know.

The meat of the trade were these two cards.  Fuji sent me these two for a Nick Swisher auto that I pulled.  Luc Richard Mbah a Moute was one of my favorite UCLA players when they were making Final Fours.  I am not really a NBA collector but if I see someone that has a former Bruin auto for trade then I may show interest. 

Fuji also sent in the 2009 Allen and Ginter Kosuke Fukudome GU.  The frame of the relics for this set look better than the 2010 set.  Beside UCLA basketball autos, another minor PC I have going on is of Japanese ball players. 

This was another smooth trade with Fuji.  We will have to trade again real soon.  I'm glad that you liked the stack of cards that I sent you. 

Please come back to the Platter tomorrow.  I will be posting some trade bait that I got from a 2008 Goudey box break.  Some of the cards that I will post about should go quick.


night owl said...

Dusty was well-liked as a Dodger. A smooth, cool dude who absolutely killed the Phillies in the playoffs in the late '70s. He really could hit.

He had a falling out with L.A. during end of his stay there, which I think explains why he ended up with the Giants.

By the way, you'll be getting that '81 Dusty again.

Fuji said...

Hey Spiegel... thanks for the kind words and an amazing trade. Like I said before... I'll be putting aside some Dodger cards for you to hit you back for that great lot of cards you sent me. Enjoy the rest of your week!