Saturday, April 23, 2011

Random Pick-Ups For My PC

I felt that it was about time to show my readers some card pick ups that have found there way into my collection.  Over the past week or so, I have been buying and trading for a lot of cards.  Aside from my 2008 Goudey Break, I have also opened a box of 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces.  The trade bait items for the Masterpieces box will be used for a future post.

I have a lot of trades going on right now.  I have a few to send out and I have some that are in the development stages.  I still have a stack of cards that I need to update on my haves list and on Excel.  With all of this recent wave of acquisitions, this post will reveal some of those cards.  I have been keeping a stack of cards next to my laptop that I want to share with you guys. 

The oldest card that I have gotten recently is a 1970 Topps Reggie Smith.  This is a very young looking Smith.  I mostly envision him as a power hitting masher with the Dodgers of the 70s.  I also have a memory of him when he was on the Dodgers coaching staff in the 90s.  This card shows a totally new image for me of Reggie Smith.  He looks young and innocent. 

I picture Smith as a grizzled, tough guy.  A man who once charged the seats at Candlestick Park in 1981.  In the incident Smith decided to beat up some Giant fans who were taunting him.  The Reggie Smith pictured in his 1970 card wouldn't get in a fight with some baseball fans.  Maybe he always had some fire to him.  Even as a youngster in the bigs.  Or did he just get grizzled over time?

This card was picked up during the trade bait draft hosted by Tim at the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.  I wish that I picked up more older cards during the draft.  I have a trade with Tim that is being mailed out and he is sending me some 70s and 80s cards.  It should be a good mix.

Here is one of the better PC pulls from my 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces box break.  I love getting a box and pulling a solid card for your PC.  I have a minor collection going on of Japanese baseball players.  Iwamura is a player that I don't chase but am more than willing to obtain.  This is a black framed parallel #ed/99.  This is a beautifully crafted set. 

The Masterpieces box gives you at least two game used and one autograph.  One of the hits that I got was this Dice-K game used.  2007 is also his rookie year!  This is the first Dice-K game used that I have and it was pulled from a box break.  Awesome!

The Masterpieces set has some really nice GUs.  The frame makes the card look more prestigious.  This card was probably a huge pull in 2007.  Dice-K had a lot of buzz when the Red Sox signed him.  He hasn't had the type of production that the Red Sox were hoping for when they signed him out of Japan.

This is one of my favorite pulls from my box break.  This is a picture of Jackie Robinson stealing home against the Yanks in the 1955 World Series.  Jackson totally burned them on this play.  The Dodgers would go on to win the World Series that year.  It was the first and only championship in Brooklyn.  The Dodgers kept getting beat by the Yanks until 1955.  The Dodgers came through and finally beat them.

 Some bloggers may be tired of 2011 Heritage but, not me!  This is a very cool set.  I do think that Allen and Ginter will blew this set out of the water though.  We'll see. 

Clayton Kershaw cards are fairly cheap on ebay.  I was lucky enough to snag this card at a fair price.  Usually when a set first comes out, most of the cards have a peak in sale value.  Then the price settles as new products hit the market.  There are plenty of 2011 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw GUs on ebay.  The market got flooded with this product so, the price was good.

There should be more Kershaw collectors out there.  I know that a lot of Dodger collectors love his cards.  But, I'm talking about non-Dodger collectors.  Kershaw is an ace on the rise in a big market.  You would think people would be jumping on board to start a Kershaw PC.  If anyone out there is thinking about starting a Kershaw PC please let me know.  I can mail you a Kershaw PC starter kit.

I will be posting more about my 2007 Masterpieces box break very soon.  I pulled some very nice trade bait that will ignite some more trades at the Platter.  

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Kershaw is on the shortlist of players I've been considering starting a collection for.