Sunday, January 1, 2012

Andy Ashby Signs For Me

It feels that I should be posting more.  I don't post as much as I should.  It seems like it has been awhile since my last post but, according to blogger, my last post was on 12-27-11.  That is not too long ago.  But, since the 27th, I am sure that the other bloggers that I follow have made several posts.  Those guys are on point and give there fans something to check on a daily basis.  Maybe 2012 will be different at the Platter.  Maybe I could be one of those guys that churn out post after post.

That is one of my 2012 goals.  The goal of posting more and getting better at writing as time goes on.  My hours are getting cut at work so, that should leave me more free time to write some gold.  I am also on the job hunt and that means no more medicating with the greens.  That should enable me to stop being lazy when it comes to blog upkeep.

Another mission of mine is to keep sending out letters to baseball players that wore Dodger blue.  This mission has already started a few weeks back and it should continue in 2012.  Even if the player was only briefly a Dodger.  That is the case for Andy Ashby.

Ashby played a few seasons in LA.  I enjoyed watching him pitch even though his prime years were behind him by the time he put on a Dodger uniform.  I am a skinny dude and I enjoy seeing skinny athletes succeed at the big league level.

His signature is beautiful.  Everyone has a different signature that is unique to them.  I am not sure about the psychology of what makes a person sign the way they do.  Maybe a psychologist or an arm chair psychologist can enlighten me on that topic.

I also wish that I had included a page in the envelope with some questions for Ashby.  Tom from Baseball by the Letters has been a major inspiration to me.  I enjoy reading his blog and seeing some of the responses he gets.  I have also seen a few other bloggers do the same thing and some players actually respond.  I find that to be very cool for a ball player to answer a few questions for a fan.

A special thanks to Andy Ashby for being nice enough to mail me a couple autographs.  Ashby is a cool dude!


Anonymous said...

lmfao @ medicating with the greens.

dodgerbobble said...

Medicating with the crack me up man!

That's a beautiful signature.

arpsmith said...

That is a very nice sig, nice big and bold.