Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Future of the Dodgers Rotation

I had a great day today.  I pretty much sat down in a comfortable chair with my laptop and watched sports.  I watched games all day long.  The NFL was on television, the NHL had games airing and the NBA had a couple games to watch also.  This was the type of Sunday that every man in America must have at least onc a month.  That should be a new federal law.  A Sunday just for sports.

I also have had time to catalog a ton of baseball cards that have been sitting in a 1000 count box for awhile.  This was one of my goals for my stretch of days off from work.  The sitting around and watching sports was just a bonus for having off days.

I also found the time to post at the Platter.  This is my second post of the day.  That is a rarity for my blog.  I am sure that all my readers will be very appreciative of two posts in one day.

I picked up this auto of Rubby De La Rosa off of ebay.  I have been trying to get one of his autos and they kept eluding my grasp.  Bowman Sterling cards are very nice.  They are a high quality baseball card.

Rubby pitched pretty well for a 22 year old in the big leagues last season before suffering an arm injury.  He will miss all or most of next season due to surgery.  I am sure that even if Rubby was completely healthy, GM Ned Colletti still would have blocked his path with some over the hill stiff.  Rubby struck out almost a batter per inning as a rookie.  He walked his fair amount of hitters but, that could be corrected with more experience.

Nathan Eovaldi was another rookie that pitched pretty decent for the Dodgers last year.  He showed some great potential and has a solid fastball.  Eovaldi was 21 years old last year which made his call up to the big leagues even more impressive.

Rubby and Eovaldi are the future of the Dodgers rotation.  There time to become stalwarts in the rotation probably won't be until 2014.  This is due to all the old guys on multi-year deals that Colletti has signed. But, one day these two will be pitching in big games as the Dodgers return to the playoffs.

The 2014 Dodgers Rotation:
Clayton Kershaw
Chad Billingsley
Nathan Eovaldi
Some Dude

I am looking forward to the contributions from the #5 spot in the rotation.  I have been reading tons of great things about Some Dude.


Laurens said...

Some Dude might be Zach Lee who maybe a No. 2 starter if things work out for him.

Dodgerbobble said...

i was just gonna say, Zach Lee.

Nice cards. I think this set is really classy looking. I wish they would've given Javy an auto card too.