Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Boy in the Argyle Sweater

I posted about trying to get some cards from one of my favorite baseball movies.  That movie is called Eight Men Out.  It is a movie about the 1919 Black Sox scandal.  The movie was very well done and had some solid actors in the film such as Charlie Ma-Sheen, John Cusak and D.B. Sweeney.

Eight Men Out is probably my fifth favorite baseball movie.  My Top 5 will probably stir a good debate.  A good baseball movie debate is always good for the blog world.  Every baseball fan has a different Top 5 baseball movie list.  No list is the exact same.  That is impossible with so many good options to choose from.  Here is my Top5:
#1 Bad News Bears
#2 Major League
#3 A League of Their Own
#4 The Sandlot
#5 Eight Men Out

What is on your list?

I can go into greater detail about my Top 5 list but, I may save that for another post.  Since, there is a lull in baseball news and I will let other bloggers discuss 2012 Topps later this month.  The other bloggers can break down 2012 Topps better than me anyways.

Let me show you some cards that Greg sent me.  Greg writes about cards at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle.  He is a Dodger collector and a player collector and a Mighty Ducks collector, and a San Diego Chokers collector and a UCLA collector and a Long Beach State Collector and a set collector.  I think that covers all of the PCs he has going on.  If I forgot anything, then I am sorry, Greg.

Greg was nice enough to dig up a couple Eight Men Out cards for me.  These came out all the way back in 1988 and were released by Pacific.  I was about 5 years old then and I don't think Greg was born yet.  I am still looking for many more of these cards so, please let me know.

I didn't think James Loney was going to be a Dodger in 2012.  I kept saying all throughout 2011 that Loney would be non-tendered and then will become a starter in Seattle or Pittsburgh, where mediocre ballplayers go to die.  I was wrong and Loney has just signed a one year deal to stay in Los Angeles.  I will continue to say throughout 2012 that this season will be Loneys last in a Dodger uniform.  Be prepared, Greg, you will hear me complaining about Loney for one more season as we wait in an autograph line for several hours this coming season.

Andre Ethier also signed a one year deal to stay in LA today.  I really hope Ethier can bounce back and have a great 2012.  The Dodgers need him to produce so, they can try and win 82 games this year.  I also think that Ethier will play well then sign a 4 year deal with Boston or New York.  That is where solid layers go to win a championship.  I should also clarify that when I say New York, I mean the Yankees and not the Triple-A team that also plays in that city.

Thanks for all the cards, Greg, except that card of Eugenio Velez that you slipped into the bubble mailer.


Greg Zakwin said...

I'm an Erin Hawksworth photo collector too, we can't forget that. That Velez needed to be as far away from me as possible haha, so unfortunately you had to have it. Pleasure as always trading with you good sir.

And yes, I was yet to be born in 1988.

Trey J. said...

1) The Sandlot
2) Bull Durham
3) Rookie of the Year
4) A League of Their Own
5) Field of Dreams

If you can't tell I grew up in the 90's with movies like RoY and Sandlot on my list ha.

Nick said...

Great "Eight Men Out" cards! I'll keep an eye out for any extras I can find at the next card show I go to, I'm an avid collector of that set as well.

As far as baseball movies go:

1) The Sandlot
2) Eight Men Out
3) 61*
4) Rookie of the Year
5) Little Big League/Bull Durham

I grew up with Little Big League, it's hard for me not to put it in the top five. I also give an honorable mention to "The Scout" with Albert Brooks, a very underrated baseball film.