Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Letter From Carl Erskine

One of my top goals for getting autographs through the mail was to get returns from some of the famed Brooklyn Dodgers.  I have gotten an autograph from Don Zimmer.  The other day, I got a return from Carl Erskine.

Erskine pitched his whole career as a Dodger.  He pitched from 1948-1959.  Erskine finished his career in Los Angeles in 1959 with a career win/loss record of 122-78.  His ERA+ was a 102 for his career.  Erskine was also a member of the famous 1955 championship Brooklyn Dodger team.  He endured a lot of heartbreak during his career prior to 1955.  The Dodgers lost four titles before breaking through and beating the Yanks in 1955.

Erskine was kind enough to sign a couple cards for me as well as answering some questions that I sent him.  This is only the second time that a player has actually answered my questions.  Him doing so made me very proud because I hold the Brooklyn teams in such high regard.

Here are the questions and answers from my letter:

Q:  What was the atmosphere like at a Brooklyn Dodger vs. New York Giants game at Ebbets Field?

A:  Tense. Lots of pressure in those games.  Also respect for each other.

Q:  What was the best game you ever pitched as a Dodger?

A:  1953 World Series Game 3.  A 3-2 victory over the Yankees.  Setting the World Series strike out record at 14.  Mickey Mantle struck out 4 times.

Q:  Who are your favorite players in today's game?

A:  Pujols of the Cardinals and Kershaw of the Dodgers.

Q:  What was your favorite ballpark to play in as a visitor?

A:  Sportsman Park in St.Louis.

This was a great return.  I love him mentioning that he struck out Mickey Mantle four times in a World Series game.  I looked up the box score just to make sure and it was correct.  Also, I got this letter a couple weeks ago so, obviously one of his favorite players is Pujols of Anaheim.

Thanks, Mr. Erskine!!!


Play at the Plate said...

I don't care who your favorite team is, getting something like that is amazing.

Don WickedOrtega said...

I love Mr.Erskine he's a great dude. Great TTM!!

Stealing Home said...

wow - like they said - AMAZING !
thats like a special prize for any collection.
i like how erskine was humble as he didnt say "I" struck out mantle, or "I" punched out mantle...just, mantle struck out 4 times.
super cool, bro.