Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where is Ian Kinsler?

I love getting trade packages from the bloggers I regularly trade with.  Julie from Things are Funner Here has made several trades with me.  She always sets good cards aside for me.  There are many Dodger collectors in the blog world that I have to fight with to get good cards in a trade.  Julie has my back and piles up some Dodger cardboard for me.  She probably already has a stack going for me right now.

Julie also sends me a good mix of non-Dodgers that I collect.  I am trying to ease off of Ryan Braun cards but, I am still unsure on the ruling of his appeal.  If he loses his appeal then, Braun is dead to me.  I can live with Dodger players that turned out to be cheats but, I can't live with a cheat Brewer.  But, as of right now please keep the Braun cards coming.

One of the other non-Dodgers that I collect is Ian Kinsler.  He is one of the better second baseman in baseball but, get overshadowed on his own team by Josh Hamilton, Michael Young and even a team president named Nolan Ryan.

I'd like to build up my Kinsler collection.  This card above is commemorating Kinsler's 6 for 6 day in which he hit for the cycle in 2009.  This 2010 Upper Deck card also doesn't show Kinsler on the front or back.  This card shows a Baltimore Oriole wearing the #42 on Jackie Robinson day.  The choice of photo for this card may have been the key reason for Upper Deck to leave the baseball card business.

This is an awesome Russell Martin card.  Martin had some really cool action cards when he was a Dodger.  He may still have some cool cards as a Yankee but, I don't notice him anymore.

Martin appears to be tagging out a Rockie.  If I get doubles of this card, I will be sure to send one over to the Quarry.

Julie sent me this awesome Ian Kinlser card.  Topps is showing Upper Deck how to make a baseball card that has Kinsler's name on it.  I love getting Triple Threads cards because I have never opened a pack of these before.  This one is really nice with the thick stock and the red background for the Rangers.

I got a lot of serial numbered cards from Julie in this package.  This one is one of my favorites.  It is a Triple Threads card numbered out of 525 and features the real MVP, Matt Kemp.  As far as my Dodger collections go, Kemp cards will probably surpass Andre Ethier cards soon.  Ethier may be leaving after the 2012 season to some other city that will adore him but, Kemp is going to stay in LA and beast it up for the next 8 years.  I will probably have to dedicate an entire binder for Kemp.

The Matt Kemp solo binder will be here soon at the Platter.

Thanks for getting me closer to that goal, Julie!


hiflew said...

I'm not positive that is a Rockie, but I don't know what other team it could be (D-Bags maybe). The only players on the Rox that wore a number ending in 3 in 2008-ish were Willy Taveras (3), Ryan Speier (23), and Dexter Fowler (63). None of those ends in "an". The first player I thought it could be was Choo Freeman, but he wore #21.

Play at the Plate said...

That's a great shot...of the two fans trying to catch the ball!

Nick said...

Great cards! I've seen that UD Ian Kinsler card before. Awful is the only way to describe it.

Also, the runner colliding with Russell Martin on that Bowman card is Nyjer Morgan during his Pirates days.