Saturday, January 7, 2012

Trading With The Blog Of The Year

Being able to trade with the Blog of the Year is a huge accomplishment for a little blogger like myself.  The winner of the Blog of the Year was Godfather Night Owl.  I am sure everybody has heard that already.  The Godfather has been super busy since being crowned the champion of the blog world.  I am shocked that he still has time to send cards to the Platter.

Godfather Night Owl sent me a big bundle of Dodgers my way.  Many of the cards are needs of mine.  He must have put together a package for me in between interviews with major news outlets like TMZ and CNN.  I am grateful that he took the time for me.  It must be because we both love Los Doyers.

This is one of a million Hideo Nomo cards that were released in 1995.  The baseball world had Nomo fever and so did the card world.  It will take me a very long time to ever collect all of his cards from 1995 alone.  I wonder if Topps or whoever is running the card industry in 20 years, will release more Nomo cards.  Nomo was highly collectible in the 90s and I wonder if he will show up in 90s retro sets.

This is an awesome looking 1975 Topps Joe Ferguson. It is mini and is of a cool action shot.  I am positive that Ferguson made the play at the plate and tagged this dude out.

I am still trying to build up my 70s Topps Dodgers collection.  I may need to get a separate section for the minis of this era.  I will try to compile the regular Dodgers team set from 1975 as well as the mini set.  Please keep'em coming blog world.

 I remember going to Kay Bee Toys as a kid.  I would get some GI Joe action figures there. They are probably gone but, they made a cool looking baseball card set.  That should have been stated on the tombstone of Kay Bee Toys.

I almost forgot that Vicente Padilla was a Dodger in 2011.  He hardly played and was injured.  I enjoyed his time on the team in 2009-2010.  I wish I remembered any accomplishment that he had in 2011.  I just loved having a psycho lunatic on the pitching staff.  When Padilla was on the mound, at any moment he could lose his mind and bean the batter, kick an umpire and shoot himself in the leg all in one sequence of delirium.

That would have been an awesome sequence!

2008 Topps Stadium is a beautiful set.  I am glad that Topps had time to take a photo of someone's kid brother.  They even gave him a uniform and everything.

I'm just teasing you, Chin Lung Huuuuu.  I miss you, kid.

This is off-topic, but do you guys use the site Groove Shark to listen to music?  This site has everything to listen to for free.  I am currently listening to Operation Ivy.  I used to this to them a ton back in Jr. High.  Listening to them right now will make me a better blogger and a better human being overall.

Godfather Night Owl helped me out with some cards for my 2011 Allen and Ginter insert set collection.  The World's Mysterious Figures set is eerie.  This set gives me chills when I read the back of them.  The Babushka Lady creeps me out.  She filmed the Kennedy assassination from a good point of view.  According to the FBI she has never come forward with her film footage from that fateful day.  Where did she go?  Who is she?  Did the FBI track her down and cover up her footage?  That is so strange.

Get back to being famous now, Night Owl.  Thanks for the cards!

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night owl said...

I am currently busy being famous and unable to comment on your post. Please accept this "form comment" as a sign of my approval of this post.

Just kidding: Glad to help, the dude on the Ferguson card is Bake McBride, and I shudder at the thought of a zillion '90s retro sets.