Monday, January 16, 2012

Card Show Haul:Non-Dodgers Edition

I do collect players that aren't picture in Dodger uniforms.  I have a bunch of collections going on that I haven't listed on my blog. They are collections that I am not trying to focus on but, when I see a good deal, I pounce at the chance to add to it.  If I posted all of the players or categories that I collect, I would then receive too many cards from the blog world to keep track of.  I need to keep some order and have some time to organize everything.  Dodgers will always be the main focus but, here are some other cards that I bought that fit into my minor collecting goals.

I like autographs of criminal ballplayers.  I don't seek them out but, I found this one of Lenny Dykstra for a couple bucks.  How could I pass on a 2 dollar auto of a felon?

Dykstra was a solid baseball player that always played hard and was a champion on the 1986 Mets team.  He was also a beloved member of the 1993 Philadelphia Phillies team that lost to the Toronto Blue Jays in the World Series.

His post baseball career saw him become super rich, bankrupt and jailed.  He is only 48 and has committed crimes such as embezzlement, drug charges, grand theft auto, an accusation of exposing himself and using steroids.  Dykstra is a dude that knows how to party.

If you Google his name, you will find articles discussing his baseball career, his criminal behavior, and skipping a celebrity boxing match against Jose Canseco.  Dykstra deserves a TV movie.  That would be worth watching.

This card of Eddie Murray was also in the 2 dollar box.  I have a little Hall of Fame collection going on.  I am not completely against trading this for a game used card of a Dodger legend or a game used card featuring a piece of Eddie Murray's jersey from his Dodger days.

I think the Orioles began wearing black in there jersey in the mid-90s.  I may be wrong and an Oriole fan can correct me on that.  It must have been brutal wearing a black uniform in the humidity of Baltimore in the summer.

Shin-Soo Choo is a solid baseball player with great on-base skills, some pop and can steal some bases.  I only get to watch him play a few times a year on television and he impresses me. I keep his cards because i dig his skills.

The Topps 60 cards that came out this past year crack me up.  The cards often list a specific catagory and the picture a player that you would think, would have led the league in that stat.  On the particular card, the stat is 2010 AL SLG% Leaders with Runners in Scoring Position.  That category seems so specific that Choo must be the top dog of 2010 in that stat.  Well, Topps has deceived us again.  Choo was actually ranked 7th in that catagory in 2010.

Choo also has one of the better names in baseball.  I wish the Cleveland Indians would trade this guy to the Dodgers so, I can shout Chooooooooo from the bleachers in left field every time this dude makes a great play or comes to the plate or makes a routine catch on a fly ball or adjusts his cup.  Choooooooooooo!

Please Cleveland, trade him to LA for some beard shavings from Casey Blake that have been clogging the drains since last summer.  You guys kind of owe us, right?  Dodger fans know what I mean.

My buddy who I went to the card show with traded this Gaylord Perry autograph to me.  I have been tring to stockpile HOF autos and this will fit right in.  This signature is also from unknown origins.  It is probably a TTM auto but, he knows it is legit and came from a good source.  He traded this to me for some of the basketball game used cards that I am getting from the blog world.  This deal works because Perry is in Cooperstown and it is his signature on a card of him as an Indian.  If he was pictured in a dirty Giant uniform, I would have declined.

That wraps up the baseball portion of my card show pick-ups.  I may show some of the UCLA autos that I picked up.  I will probably go to a card show in a couple weeks or so.  We shall see....


The Angels In Order said...

I dig that Gaylord Perry card. What set is that from?

Ryan H said...

That Eddie swatch must be from his second go round in Charm City. The Orioles only wear the black jerseys on Fridays, when about 99% of the games are at night.

flywheels said...

You asked earlier if I had any basketball GU cards. I do have an auto RC of Danny Green (UNC Tarheel) that I have no desire to keep. You interested? If so shoot me an e-mail.

Fuji said...

$2 for the Dykstra auto? That's the steal of the century! Great find.