Monday, January 30, 2012

TTM Auto From A Belcher

I have been having a lull as far as TTM returns go. I also haven't been writing as many letters out over the past week or so.  I will probably send a couple out this week.  A solid return did show up in my mailbox the other day though.

Tim Belcher sent me a signed card back.  Belcher was a pretty solid pitcher for the Dodgers between 87-91.  He was also a proud member of the 1988 World Series winning Doyer team.  In 1988, Belcher pitched 179.2 innings and had a minuscule WHIP of 1.08.  1988 was also his first full season in the big leagues.  He was a main contributor for a championship team.

  Belcher was nice enough to inscribe his auto to me.  He also added the date that he signed the card.  I guess he held onto this card for a week before sending it out my way.  I am also glad that he used blue ink.  Blue sharpies always look good for Dodger autos.

Here is a fun trade fact that I found out while looking up Tim Belcher on Baseball Reference:
He was dealt along with John Wetteland for Eric Davis and Kip Gross in 1991.  Awfulness on the Dodgers part.  Belcher had his best years as a Dodger but, was still serviceable after he left LA.  Wetteland went on to become a beast closer for the Expos and Yanks.  Davis was a big bust in LA.  Kip Gross made Kevin Gross look ace-like.

This deal made me wonder something.  If Wetteland stayed on as a Dodger throughout the 90s and was our closer, would the Dodgers still have traded Paul Konerko for Jeff Shaw?  If that trade never happened, would Konerko still be a Dodger first baseman and I would have never seen James Loney try to slap singles and ground into double plays?

Just something for Dodger fans to think about.


The Lost Collector said...

Never seen a player date an auto! Interesting.

hiflew said...

Interesting thought. I think Konerko would have still been traded because he was blocked by Karros, who was still having MVP-type seasons at the time. You also have to wonder if Wetteland would have been as good without the rest of the Yankees, specifically Mariano setting him up.

I love what-if's like this.