Monday, January 9, 2012

The Kindness of the Blogworld

I love all the people of the blog community.  The traders are very nice and generous.  Sometimes, I get an email from a fellow collector that tells me they have cards from my want lists.  They also state that I don't need to send anything in return or just send me whatever cards you feel necessary.  The kind bloggers just want to help out one of there own.

Of course, I will always send something in return.  I am also a nice blogger and if you scratch my back then, I send cards to you.  The expression goes something like that.

Tom, the nice blogger from The Angels, in Order sent me these two 1981 Topps cards.  Tom knew that I needed these for my 1981 Topps Chase.  He saw that they were on my want list and decided to send them my way.  Just like that, I got a couple cards that I can cross off my list.

Be on the look out, Tom, a bubble mailer will be heading to your mailbox very soon.  I have some Angels that need a good home and my house of Dodger blue isn't suited for them.

Oddly, the last two cards that I need for my 1981 Topps Chase are Dodgers.  I still am looking for the Dodgers team card and a Bill Russell.  I thought that I had both of those but, I can't find them in my binders. I may have misplaced them but, according to my records, they are still needed at the Platter.

I received these two 70s Dodgers from Wrigley Wax.  The name of the dude that runs that blog is Paul.  This is the first time that Paul has sent me cards.  I discovered his blog through the contest held at the blog, Jaybarker's Junk.  Wrigley Wax finished a very respectable second in the Blog of the Year voting.

Paul checked out my Most Wanted List and saw that I was looking for some 70s Topps Dodgers.  He sent me an email saying that he had a Maury Wills and a Bobby Valentine to spare.  He also warned me about the condition.  Paul also stated that he wasn't looking for anything in return.  What a nice fellow!

These cards are great!  I don't care about condition of vintage cards.  They will fit nicely into my team set binder.  I will also try to find something to send him.  I will have to get him something special because he was  very kind in his emails.  Be patient, Paul, I will send you some goods.

Trey from Rants, Reviews, and Fandom emailed me about a trade.  He wasn't looking for much in return but, knew that he had some cards that I would enjoy.  Trey is an Astros collector and luckily I haven;t made a trade with an Astros collector in awhile.  Trey told me to send him whatever that I feel is suitable.  I love that trust among bloggers.  I will send him some cardboard awesomeness.

This is a red bordered 2011 Topps Update Matt Kemp.  This card is commemorating his 2 home runs that he hit at the home run derby.  Kempy will dominate the contest next year.  Move over Robinson Cano, Kemp will put on a show.

Trey also sent me a handful of minis that I need for my 2011 Allen and Ginter sets.  I totally dig the fire breathing card.  The Amityville House creeps me out.  The latest movie version starring Ryan Reynolds gave me chills.  It freaked me out and I will never watch the original movie because it must be scarier.

I thank you all for the kindness.  I am a little behind on return packages but, you will all get something nice.


Fuji said...

busted a couple of 1981 topps rack packs back in september & pulled a bill russell. email your address and i'll get that shipped out to you.

Play at the Plate said...

The blogomunity is awesome.

Trey J. said...

Glad you liked the cards. I just pulled the red Kemp a few days before so I knew it'd be perfect for our trade.