Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Must Get Organized!

As everyone in the blog world knows, 2012 Topps is coming out soon.  I also know that I still have cards from 2011 that I need to catalog and organize.  Some trade packages are still sitting at my bedside waiting for me to write about and then put away in there proper spots.

I must get my cards in order because pretty soon 2012 Topps will be opened up and that will get me even more behind.  I have the next week off from work.  I have these days off, not because I needed a vacation or because my inappropriate work place comments have finally caught up with me.  I have a week off because nobody is shopping at retail stores so, there isn't much of a need for a truck driver to deliver product to the store.  This week will be dedicated to drinking beer and organizing my collection.  In that order.

Part of my organization process will also involve posting more about cards that bloggers have sent me.  This particular Kirk Gibson was sent to me by Matt from Cardboard Conundrum.  This is a Topps card that must have been sold at Ames.  I don't have any other cards from this set but, this must be the best one that the Topps/Ames team up had to offer.

This card is commemorating Gibson's 20/20 seasons.  Being a 20/20 player seems like an amateur season compared to the greatness of Matt Kemp.  Kemp will be a 20/20 player by the beginning of May.  Kemp will also destroy any single season home run record that baseball fans recognize.

For the record, the Roger Maris record is tops in my book.  My book is also the only book that matters.

This is a rookie card of the Dodgers Minor League Player of the Year, Scott Van Slyke.  It is also a cool photo of him.  He is spinning his helmet like a Harlem Globe Trotter.

Van Slyke mashed last year in Double-A Chattanooga.  He is a first baseman and an Outfielder.  The Dodgers lack good offensive players in there system so, Van Slyke may have a good shot at the Majors.

Here are is numbers from last year:
.348 Batting Average
.427 OBP
.595 Slugging
1.022 OPS
45 Doubles
20 Homers

Those numbers are solid.  I hope he continues to rake in Triple-A next season and maybe gets called up to LA this year.  The Dodgers will need a new first baseman soon because James Loney is still a bum.

This was the prize of this trade with Matt.  This card is a dual relic of Shawn Green.  The card is also serial numbered out of 100.  Diamond King relics look pretty sweet and will fit in nicely with my other Shawn Green relics.

I wish that card companies would tell you what game or games that this bat was used in.  I would love to go online and check out just how many home runs Green hit against the Giants with this bat.  I think it is safe to assume that Green hit 7 bombs in a three game series against the Giants with this bat.  The 7th homer sawed him off but still clear the fence because Shawn Green is awesome.

Thanks for the trade!

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hiflew said...

I love those dual Diamond King relics. Very well designed.

BTW, don't get so damn cocky about Kemp. He's a great player, but 20/20 by early May? I think a letdown year is more likely. I probably shouldn't talk because I think my team will be fighting yours and the Pads for the basement in the division this year.