Friday, January 6, 2012

I Got A Gross Autograph

My TTM endeavor has been going smoothly.  Writing letters to past Dodgers has been a lot of fun for me.  The words that I write them are genuine and I hope that they realize that.  I especially enjoy writing to Dodger players that played during my childhood.

When I watched baseball as a kid, I didn't study numbers like I do now.  I didn't go deep into advanced statistics or check baseball reference to look at someone's career.  As a kid, I just went by the eyeball test and how I felt about a player.  Sadly, Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti also doesn't look at statistics just like the child version of me.

 Kevin Gross was a guy that I knew wasn't that good even as a kid.  I had no numbers to back it up but, I knew that the Dodgers would lose games when he pitched.  He was middling at best.

Even as a child I was a cynical and angry Dodger fan.  This anger keeps on growing as I get older.  My childhood anger was usually directed at Kevin Gross, Jose Offerman, and Delino Deshields.

But, my opinion slightly changed towards Kevin Gross during a Photo Day at Dodger Stadium in the early 90s.  My mother had taken me that day to walk on the field in hopes of getting my photo taken with some of my beloved Dodgers.  Orel Hershiser blew me off.  My mother asked him to take a photo with me but, he refused.  I am still bitter about it.  Kevin Gross on the other hand was nice enough to take a photo with me.  It was a simple and kind gesture that I still remember to this day.  That changed my opinion about him as a person.  I still joked about his on field performance but, not his personality.  I told Gross this story in my letter to him.  A ball player can do something simple like take a photo with a child and that kid could remember for the rest of his life.  I thank him for that day.

Orel on the other hand, is still on my shit list.  I am currently rooting against him for his bid to buy the Dodgers.  If a ball player refuses to take a photo with a child, that child will always remember that day.

Kevin Gross is a nice man.  He took a photo with me and also was cool enough to sign my baseball cards through the mail.  Thank you, Kevin Gross!

Also, nice shades and mustache combo.  I also mentioned that in my letter.


Roberto Baly said...

And who can forget his No-Hitter!? :)

Stealing Home said...

i agree - orel aint all that off the field.
i always thought i had my good record of success for TTM because i did the same as you - the letters were always personal. i think the ball players appreciate it as well.