Friday, June 24, 2011

Trades Are Funner With Julie And Fuji

I have made several trades with Julie over at the blog Things are Funner here.  But, the package that she sent me may have topped all the other ones that she has sent me.  Julie was nice enough to include some of the things that she got from the Dodger Fan Pack she received.  I was surprised that the Dodgers sent out such nice things such as player photos, key chains, stickers, pocket schedules and a magnet schedule.  I just assumed that since the team has been in the hands of Frank McCourt, that every part of the team was run with cheapness on the mind. 

One of the two photos that were included was of Clayton Kershaw.  The other photo was of James Loney.  Kershaw may have surpassed Andre Ethier, in my mind, as my favorite current Dodger.  If I get lucky and have tickets to a game that Kershaw is starting, I have an extra excitement in me on my way to the ballpark.  When Kershaw pitches, you have a chance to see greatness.  I have had the honor to be at his two complete shutout games.  His second one being a complete game two hit shutout of the Detroit Tigers just a few days ago.  I hope the next owner of the Dodgers gives Kershaw a huge contract.  Keep him in LA for several years to come.

Julie also sent me some cards.  She sent me this Shawn Green GU for a Roy Oswalt GU that I sent her way.  My Green collection is growing pretty well.  Card companies seemed to have made a lot of game used cards of him.  Oh yeah, this one is numbered out of 100.  Sweet!

I love the paper parallels for 2011 Gypsy Queen.  It makes the design a lot better and more regal than the regular base card version.  I also like how Sprint kind of gets a free advertisement on this card.  I guess that is one of the perks of being a stadium sponsor.  You know your ad will pop up on TV or even baseball cards.

I am really glad that Sandy Koufax is popping up in Topps products this year.  It was awesome for Julie to send this one to me.  Koufax is a Dodger icon, a baseball icon and a cultural icon.  He is above everyone.  At least in the world of Spiegel.  Koufax can walk on water and fly like Superman.  Koufax has an open invite to have dinner at the Spiegel household.  He has yet to except but, I hope he will someday.

Thanks for the trade, Julie!  We'll get another one going next month as usual.

I also received a card from Fuji who runs the blog called the Chronicles of Fuji.  This trade was a lot smaller.  He told me he was running out of space to keep all his cards so, he was just going after certain players.  This was a simple one GU for one GU trade.

I sent Fuji a Walt Weiss bat relic for his Oakland A's PC and he sent me this Shawn Green GU.  I love the blueness of this card.  Shawn Green has been on a book tour all over LA recently.  I have yet to attend one yet.  My collection is lacking a Shawn Green autograph.  Thanks for the card Fuji.  You should get yours in the mail by Saturday or Monday.


dodgerbobble said...

Great pick ups. I love the Green.

I got a Kershaw and Kemp photo in my fan pack. I was also pretty surprised at what was inside.

night owl said...

I don't have a Shawn Green autograph either. I've got like 6 relic cards of his, they're much easier to come by.