Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm A Fan Of JayBarkerFan And Napkin Doon

The other day I received a couple of surprise packages from a couple bloggers.  The first one that I got was from the man with the greatest name in the blog business, The Adventures of Napkin Doon.  Mr.Doon and I completed a trade weeks ago.  I thought it was finished so, I wasn't expecting anything from him.  He may have mentioned that he was sending me another card lot a little bit ago.  I have a faint memory of that.  Either way, I am always happy to get some new cards.

Mr.Doon sent me this card a couple days late.  I had met Darren Dreifort not too long ago before a Dodger game.  Retro cards look great signed.  Some collectors don't like retro cards but, even the detractors can admit that a Heritage or Ginter card looks great autographed..  I am going to hold onto this card and wait for the next time that Dreifort is signing autographs.  This card shall get signed!

I liked Diamond King cards when I was a kid.  I like the Diamond King sets that came out in the 2000s and now there is a blog I like called The Diamond King.  I should make a want list of all the older Diamond King cards that I need.  There are probably some nice Dodger ones that are missing from my collection.

Mr.Doon also sent a nice Rauuul Mondesi card from the 90s.  I remember these Bowman parallels from back in the day.  I always thought that it looked like some one spilled a bottle of bubbles on the border.  This is a cool card because it deviates from the standard gold or silver parallels that were popular at the time.  I have no idea where Rauuul is now.  Anyone out there have any idea?  Coaching?  Does he own a night club in LA?  I am curious because the Dodgers need a left fielder and maybe Rauuul needs a job.

Thanks for the package, Mr.Doon!

 The second package that showed up at the Platter was from JayBarkerFan's Junk.  He is currently having a Summer of Giving.  He sent me a package of Doyers because he a great dude.  The writer for the blog named Wes also included a nice typed letter stating his reasons for the giveaway and that it will continue to send out packages of cards that do not fit into his collection.  Don't worry Wes, I will be sending you a nice stack of Braves and Expos.  How could I not?  He sent me this awesome Pee Wee Reese with a design from 1984 Donruss.

Wes also sent me some great looking Shawn Green cards.  The photo chosen for this card is top notch.  Upper Deck probably won't be back on the baseball card scene for awhile.  The photography of baseball cards is lacking without them.  May Topps please bring back Stadium Club?  I asked politely.

This is another great photo but it is not from Upper Deck or Topps Stadium Club.  This card is from the 2004 Donruss set.  I believe this photo was taken as Shawn Green was sprinting for a double at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia.  The only thing that throws me off is that I don't remember that many people even watching the Phils play at the old Vet. 

Thank you for the cards, Wes.  I will get a nice return package ready for you by the end of the week. 


night owl said...

Raul Mondesi is actually mayor of his hometown in the Dominican Republic and has been involved in politics (and some shady shenanigans) in his home country for the last several years. Kind of wild, huh?

jaybarkerfan said...

I'm a fan of the platter! Glad you enjoyed them!