Friday, June 10, 2011

Some Catching Up To Do At The Platter

I have only been away from Blogger for a few days but, it seems that I have missed a lot.  Some group breaks have been going on and even some contests that I need to sign up for.  It also seems that I have won a contest that I entered a week or so ago.  My trading ways have slowed down a little but they seem to be picking up again.  So, I have to get back at it and show off some goods.

First off is some cards that I got from Jeff, who runs the blog called My Sports and Sports Cards and he is a White Sox collector.  This is the first time that we have traded.  Jeff's blog is fairly new so, I made sure to send him an extra thick bubble mailer.  Some bloggers sent me some extra cards when I joined the blogging ranks so, I wanted to continue the tradition.

Jeff was cool enough to send me some 1976 Topps League Leader cards.  Davey Lopes out stole Joe Morgan and Lou Brock in 1975.  Awesome!  Also, Andy Messersmith had an ERA better than Tom Seaver in 1975.  I like seeing Dodger players out performing some hall of fame players.

Jeff also sent along some modern sweetness.  I love the Gypsy Queen set.  I needed the Rafael Furcal and the Ryan Braun from this set.  The detail on the Furcal card is impeccable.  The wrinkles on his jersey and his muscle tone really stand out.  I think I have seen more Furcal baseball cards this season than actual games that he has played in.  He has done some good things in a Dodger uniform but, I am kind of glad that he is a free agent at the end of the year.  He is just to brittle to be a full time player anymore.

As a player collector, sometimes I forget that I need to pick up a parallel of a base card that I have.  I have had the 2009 Topps 206 Ryan Braun base card for awhile.  I think I got it from a box that I bought months ago.  It took me this long to finally obtain the bronze parallel.  Thanks,Jeff!!!

I also bought some awesome autographs off of ebay recently.  My collection is severely lacking in autos of Brooklyn Dodgers.  Those guys are a huge part of Dodger history.  I have been searching for a nicely priced autograph of Johnny Podres and I finally got one.

Bam!  Here is a killer auto of Mr.Podres.  The 1955 World Series hero and Brooklyn legend.  After 1955, Mr.Podres probably never paid for anything in Brooklyn.  Anything he wanted should have been comped.  Whether it was drinks, food, clothes, cars etc.  He shut down the Yankees in a game 7 to bring Brooklyn its only title.  I feel like I was there in Brooklyn living and dying with Dem Bums.  I have a GU and now an autograph of Mr.Podres.  Next up, is to find a throwback jersey of his.  I'll check with Mitchell and Ness. 

I have also been looking for a Don Newcombe auto on ebay.  I finally found one to my liking.  How did people purchase cards before the internet?  How did people know what fair market value was for there cards?  Anyways, this card is great!  Newcombe is another Brooklyn legend.  He still works for the Dodgers in there community relations department.  He make the rounds in LA signing autographs and doing charity work.

Ok, that was a little bit of catching up.  I am not dead, my blog lives on.  Thanks for the trade, Jeff!  Also, thank you to the ebay sellers for having some autographs of Brooklyn Dodgers for me to purchase.


MattR said...

I think 1976 is my favorite year for League Leader cards

Jeff Laws said...

Your welcome and thank you for the huge package. I received it today, probably take me a few days to get it posted as I'm backed up a little on my trade posts but wanted to tell you I received it and loved it. Thanks again.