Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wicked Ortega Delivers A Killer Package

Around a month ago I purchased a card from Wicked Ortega and I was only expecting to get a small bubble mailer with one card in it.  To my surprise, he included several cards that will fit nicely into my collection.  I have read some other blogs on how generous Wicked Ortega is and now I have experienced his kindness first hand.

This was the card that I purchased from him.  I collect cards of baseball legends.  I consider a player a legend if, he was a beast and I have never seen him play.  Harmon "Killer" Killebrew fits that criteria.  He is enshrined in Cooperstown and mashed 573 home runs.  Also, according to Baseball Reference, Killebrew was listed at 6 feet and 195 pounds.  That seems small by today's power hitters.  I have seen pictures of him as well as a replay of the 1965 World Series Game 7.  He looked a lot bigger than that.  He had arms like Popeye.  Oh yeah, that Game 7 ended with a Dodgers victory behind a Sandy Koufax shut out.

This card is a game used bat piece #ed/250.  Killebrew hit so many bombs, that I would like to think this piece of wood came from a home run bat.

I believe this was a box topper from 2007 Allen and Ginter.  This box topper features players from Japan such as Ichiro, Kei Igawa, Dice-K and Hideki Matsui.  Wicked Ortega was kind enough to put this card in a giant top loader.  This is the first box topper that I really like.  It will probably be given to my mother so she can display her Japanese pride in the living room.

I also got some shiny Andre Ethier cards!  I love chrome cards that aren't warped like the 2010 Topps Chrome set.  Chrome cards look a lot better than the base sets that they derive from.  I mean they look a lot better when they are flat just like the Bowman or Topps base set. 

Ethier is eligible for free agency after next season.  I have been preparing myself with the news that he will be a Red Sock when that time comes.  That comment may anger some Dodger fans and they may call me a pessimist.  But, the Dodger ownership situation is a complete mess thanks to the McCourts.  Frank McCourt is going to continue to fight for sole ownership of the team.  McCourt doesn't care if his actions affect the players, the fans or even Vin Scully.  I won't be mad at Ethier for leaving when that day comes.  I will be even angrier that Frank McCourt owns the team and is so selfish that he will be hurting everyone in the Dodger world.

As I was digging through the cards that Wicked Ortega sent me, I was so happy to see a 2005 Topps Chrome Black Refractor Jeff Weaver card.  This card is #ed/225!  It has been awhile since I got a super cool card of Weaver.  Thanks!!!

Matt Kemp along with Ethier is another player that is a free agent after next season.  It is going to be sad to see him go east to the Yankees.  Kemp will go to New York and become a national superstar and be shown on ESPN all the time.  Once he becomes a Yankee most of the country will forget that he was ever a Doyer.  This may seem like a doom and gloom scenario but, anyone that has been following the McCourt saga knows that this day is coming.  Please be prepared, Dodger fans.  I am bracing myself for the heartbreak now so, the pain won't be as bad.

I am going to enjoy watching Kemp and Ethier as much as I can before they leave.  Once they leave, I will ignore them because the sight of them in another uniform will be too painful.  I didn't watch Mike Piazza play too often after he was traded and I will give the same treatment to Kemp and Ethier.  I won't be mad at the players, I will just be mad at the hand the Dodgers were dealt by Bud Selig allowing Frank McCourt to get his greasy hands on my beloved team.

Thanks for the cards, Wicked Ortega.  I am excited to get in on your current group break.     

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