Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trade Bait Draft Recap:Trade Bait Edition

There was a second Trade Bait Draft held at the blog, Great Sports Name Hall Of Fame which was hosted by Tim aka the Spastik Moose.  The first Trade Bait Draft was a lot of fun but, also had some technical difficulties.  This time around Tim worked out the kinks and had an even better selection of cards to choose from.  The "hits" that were available to be picked was extensive and of great variety.

This post is about the cards that I drafted that are available for trade.  I was able to get mostly cards that fit into my personal collection.  That post will be shown in the near future. 

Let's start off with a 2008 Topps Mike Hampton GU.  This card has a nice piece of red jersey.  I always like game used cards with some color besides gray or white.  I picked this card in the draft because I know that there are a lot of Braves collectors out there. 

Here are a couple sweet cards of Yovani Gallardo and Gary Sheffield.  The Gallardo is a piece of jersey from the Futures Game.  I am a big fan of game used jersey cards from specific games.  I am also not sure why Gallardo was on the World's team as opposed to the USA team.  The back of the card says he was born in Fort Worth,Texas.  Texas is still one of the 50 states,right?  Maybe a Brewers fan can fill me in on his background.  Either way, Gallardo is a stud pitcher on one of the better teams in the National League.

The Sheffield card is an auto from the 2007 Bowman's Best set.  It is a really shiny card.  Sheffield was a masher during his playing career.  I am willing to part with this card due to his bad attitude while he played as a Dodger so, come strong with an offer and the card is yours.

Now for a couple autos of players that I never heard of.  I just took a flier on these cards without doing any pre-draft homework.  Neil Medchill is a player that is currently struggling in the Yankees farm system.  He was a stud hitter in college at Oklahoma State but, has fallen on hard times as a pro.  The other card is an autograph of a former Pirates farm hand named Albert Laboy.  According to baseball reference, he is no longer a pro ballplayer.  His stats end in 2008.  Maybe a die hard Pirates collector may want this card.  Oh wait, there aren't any Pirates collectors.  I should've done my homework.

Now for a player that every baseball fan has heard of.  This is a 2003 Upper Deck Team USA card of Dustin Pedroia.  I haven't seen a card from this set before.  There are many Red Sox collectors out in the blog world that may enjoy this card more than me.  This card could be used as part of a bigger trade.

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