Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Platter Serves Orange Kool-Aid

Dave from the blog, Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid, and I made a trade together weeks ago.  Dave's bubble mailer arrived in my mail box in a timely fashion.  I have just been trying to catch up on trade posts for a few weeks now.  My trading habits have slowed down a bit during this time in order to get caught up and to organize my collection properly.  Now, that I am pretty much caught up, there will be some more trades to be made.

This is the card that sparked the trade between Dave and I.  Adrian Beltre had a memorable 2004 season as a Dodger.  Beltre led the Dodgers to a division title and he also earned my vote for MVP.  Well, if your good buddy Spiegel had an MVP vote.  I am not sure what part of the jersey is blue.  It doesn't look like part of the lettering because that is a different material than the rest of the jersey.  Maybe a batting practice jersey?  Or a piece of a Spring Training uniform?  Anyways, seeing a Dodger relic colored blue does look better than the standard gray or white.

Dave also sent me some shiny cards.  Jeff Kent is the all time leader in homers by a second baseman.  He also has played in a bunch of playoff games and has won an MVP award.  That should be enough to get him into the hall of fame eventually.  I think it does anyway.  Media types don't talk about Kent too much when it comes to being a future hall of famer.  Maybe his surly attitude will hurt his chances and the writers will make him sweat it out.

The bottom card is a 2005 Topps Heritage Chrome Refractor #ed/556 Eric Gagne.  Gagne is one of my favorite Dodgers of all time.  Cards of Gagne are always welcome at the platter.

This is an awesome set.  These two Paul Lo Duca cards come from the 2005 Donruss Diamond King set.  I really need to pick up a box of this set.  The framed parallel feels like the frame from Upper Deck Masterpieces.  When a frame is put on a card, it gives the card more class. 

Sorry Dave, that it took me so long to post the cards that you sent.  I really like the cardboard that you sent my way.  Thanks for the trade.

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