Saturday, June 25, 2011

BA Benny Delivers The Goods

Mike from the blog BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet and I worked out another trade.  He has a ton of player collections going on as well as some team collections.  I sometimes wonder if I need to come up with more player collections in order to attract more trade partners.  There may be a post in the future that reveals a new player PC.  We'll see if that happens.  I have a couple guys in mind who I may begin to put in a separate binder.

Anyways, lets check out the goods that BA Benny sent my way!

We will start off with a 1981 Topps Bill Russell autographed card.  The penny sleeve was marked TTM.  So, it may be safe to assume that this was acquired through the mail.  1981 Topps is one of my favorite sets.  I am still searching for some cards from that set so, please check out my want list up top and send some to the Platter.

This Russell Martin was the centerpiece of our trade.  I was just watching the Dodger game on Fox and they showed that Martin is the leading vote getter among AL catchers.  How is that possible?  The Yankee factor must be in play.  Also the fact that ESPN is the Yankee National Network and shoves all Yankee players down the country's throats.  Derek Jeter is also the leading vote getter out of all AL short stops.  I didn't even know he played baseball anymore.  I guess since I stopped watching ESPN, I must have missed out on that piece of information.  Derek Jeter is still playing baseball.

BA Benny sent me this awesome Pedro Guerrero card.  It is a reprint of the 1981 Topps design that I love.  It is from a set called 2005 Topps All Time Fan Favorites.  Does anyone have any info on this set?  Are boxes fairly priced?  Please let me know because I am interested in purchasing one.  The card next to Guerrero is of former Dodger speedster Dave Roberts.  I love the expression on the face of Roberts.  He is gritting is teeth going all out in what appears to be a spring training game.  I say that because it looks completely green in the background with no seating.  Way to hustle in an exhibition, Roberts!

Next up is a super shiny 2000 Pacific Prism Chan Ho Park.  Shiny cards that fit into my PC are always welcome at the Platter.  I also don't show as much Hideo Nomo cards as I should.  I mean, I did name my blog after him.  I also named it after my love of sushi.  But, I still never showed a piece of sushi on here yet.  Not even a California Roll from the Von's deli section.  Regardless, here is a sweet serial numbered Nomo card.  I don't have many serial numbered Nomo cards.  Most of my Nomo collection comes from the 90s when he used to have tons of cards in every set.  I miss the days when a Dodger was a popular choice among collectors.

Thank you,Mike!  Please go and check out his blog as he is a great guy to trade with.  Also be on the look out for the new addition to my player collection.


dodgerbobble said...

Yankees fans are the opposite of Dodgers fans, they actually vote for the All-Star game.

night owl said...

The Fan Favorites sets were put out by Topps in 2003, 04 and 05. It is my all-time favorite retro set. I've got the 04 one close to complete.

It's still very popular and my experience has been that box prices are too high for me.