Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Diamond King Sends Some Cards To The Platter

The Diamond King is a fairly new card blog that is run by a cool dude named Kevin.  But, I enjoy referring to him as The Diamond King.  That is such a cool name of a blog.  I am surprised that there aren't a dozen blogs named Diamond King.  Please go and check out his blog.  The Diamond King even has the time to post about everyday, which is awesome.

The Diamond King posted about this card a few days ago.  I commented on how sweet it is and then we worked out a deal for it.  Of course, I like this card, it is of 1988 World Series Game 1 hero, Kirk Gibson.  This is my first relic of Gibson.  He is now coaching up the Arizona Diamondbacks who are surprising a lot of people by playing fairly well. 

As part of the trade, the Diamond King also sent me some nice PC cards.  He sent me a retro looking Kirk Gibson from the 2003 Topps set.  It is weird seeing Gibson so clean cut.  I thought he was born with a mustache.  He also sent me this shiny Shawn Green.

The Diamond King must have done a ton of collecting in the 90s.  He sent me a lot of Hideo Nomo and Mike Piazza cards from the greatest decade.  I love the 90s!  The inserts were so much more creative.  This is an awesome Piazza card.  It kind of reminds me of the cards that Denny's used to give out when you ordered a grand slam breakfast.

The Diamond King also held a contest when he first started in order to get some buzz for his blog.  I feel like I should hold a contest at the Platter.  I have an excess amount of cards that I could easily give away.  I'll try to think of a sweet idea and get a contest going.  Anyways, I won this O.J. Mayo relic from his blog.  I am not a USC Trojan fan.  I am a UCLA supporter.  I do like a Trojan that gets the school into hot water though.  Mayo got paid well for his one season as a Trojan and the NCAA wasn't happy about that.  I was happy about that though.  It gives me some verbal ammunition when chatting with Trojan fans.

Thanks for the trade.  Long live the Diamond King!!!


The Lost Collector said...

Love that Piazza hologram (good on denny's too). It was from a scratch off redemption card in Collector's Choice. I have the full 8-card set and it's one of my favorites.

I share your opinions on 1990's insert sets...they were way cooler that the ones from the last few years.

Spiegel83 said...

Lost Collector-Thanks for the info. Some 90s looking sets have made a return this year such as Bowman's Best. Maybe they will bring some creativity back to the card world as opposed to making everything look "retro"

The Diamond King said...

Glad you liked the cards!! I actually missed out on the 90's completely, I just pick up stuff from nickel and dime boxes. I get a lot of weird stuff, but never the big stuff. Thanks again for the trade!